Ten-year-old child breaks down in happy tears after her mother surprises her with sweet dog from Arizona shelter

At the Arizona Humane Society, Alexandria, 10, had visited the shelter with her mother looking for a new pit bull pooch to join their family. And it was love at first sight when Alexandria spotted … Read More

Arizona man who severely abused pug sentenced to jail and banned from having pets

In Phoenix, Arizona, the man who severely abused his little dog was sentenced to 120 days in jail on Wednesday and will be banned from owning any animals for the next three years. Netzer Villagomez … Read More

Even an adorable fur mustache was not enough: Puppy abandoned in box

The Arizona Humane Society found an adorable puppy with unique fur coloring left by herself in a box. Even a natural mustache right under her nose wasn’t cute enough for her owner to keep her … Read More

Phoenix police arrest man accused of abusing 6-month-old puppy

In Phoenix, Arizona, a man identified as Jose Beltran was arrested on Tuesday for abusing a six-month-old puppy. The arrest follows an investigation instituted on August 8 after the Arizona Humane Society and police viewed … Read More

Rescuers didn’t know what animal it was under pounds of matted hair

At the Arizona Humane Society, a neglected animal was rescued, but when staff first responded to the call on Friday, they could barely tell what type of animal was under the pounds of matted … Read More

Tiny poodle shot in face with multiple metal pellets

In another act of disturbing animal cruelty, a five-year-old poodle was found in the area of 3500 W. Van Buren in Phoenix, with six metallic objects in his face and neck. When discovered the dog … Read More

Phoenix man accused of abusing tiny pug by hanging him from leash

A Phoenix man has been accused of abusing his tiny pug by hanging the dog several times from its leash off the floor. Netzer Villagomez, 19, was arrested on Wednesday and charged with felony animal … Read More

Dead dog found hanging over fence in Phoenix

In Phoenix, Arizona a dead dog was discovered hanging over a fence on Thursday morning. The tiny tan and brown male Chihuahua’s lifeless body was found near 23rd Avenue and Devonshire – north of Indian … Read More

Puppy beaten and dragged behind vehicle: Someone to be held accountable

Phoenix police are investigating a horrific case of animal cruelty and have offered a $2,000 reward this week after discovering the beaten and dragged body of a boxer/pitbull mix puppy found March 31 on the … Read More