Ten-week-old puppy thrown from moving vehicle in rural Georgia: His story is unbelievable

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In rural Georgia, a ten-week-old puppy had been thrown from a moving vehicle on Thursday. No one stopped, and witnesses later reported they had seen the apparently lifeless body lying on the side of the road for two days. Some passersby thought the puppy had already passed, and others just didn’t care.

And then Animal Care and Control arrived to collect the puppy’s body; that is until they realized the dog was still alive! The officers rushed the puppy to a nearby, local animal shelter, and that is when Second Chance Rescue NYC Dogs were called. They immediately agreed to help and made arrangements to rush the puppy to an emergency veterinarian hospital for life-saving treatment.

At this time, the critical care veterinarians are racing against time to save the puppy, now dubbed Hope. He is pale, lifeless and has lost a lot of blood. Since there are no obvious outward signs of trauma, it is suspected that he has internal bleeding. In addition, his blood pressure and body temperature continue to drop to dangerous levels.

Hope’s prognosis is not known at this time, but he is receiving the best available treatment.

Help is needed:

The rescue organization is asking for your support today to help us save Hope.

Hope needs us. To donate please click the link below or go to:




Updates to follow.

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