Little Waldo found in a dumpster with heartbreaking injuries

In New York City, Sunday morning began with another heartbreaking story about a miniature poodle named Waldo. Picked up by animal control, authorities were told a homeless person claimed to have found the dog in … Read More

Three-pound puppy Calypso rescued from disturbing case of neglect

Meet Calypso; just a five-month-old Chihuahua who weighs three-pounds and who tries to scratch with every step she takes. What was once a simple case of mange and easily cured by bringing the puppy to

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Injured dogs just meet and find solace in each other at vet office

Two injured dogs became immediate friends and found comfort in each other at a veterinarian’s office in New York City at their very first meeting. Rescuers had never seen two dogs who had endured such … Read More