Stray pup trapped inside abandoned school is rescued and now living the perfect life with his new family

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If you have never heard of Stray Rescue of St. Louis, please look them up online and perhaps follow some of their amazing rescue operations for abandoned and injured dogs – some of those dogs had been in immediate danger of euthanasia.

In one particularly heart wrenching situation, Good Samaritans had contacted Natalie Thomson, Stray Rescue’s director of marketing, saying they had heard howling coming from a vacant school in the area. When rescuers arrived, they found two dogs, but it was the one they dubbed “Teacher’s Pet” who appeared to be stuck on the second floor.

The dog stood looking down at his would-be rescuers, and there was no entrance to the building as the doors had been barred shut. The first floor wasn’t accessible, and the only way in to rescue Teacher’s Pet would be to use a ladder and enter through the same window where the dog had watched the volunteers approach.

Donna Lochmann, Stray Rescue’s chief rescuer and photographer, climbed in and whistled for the dog. While searching for the dog and whistling to get his attention, the shy pooch peeked around the corner – his tail began to wag, and he wanted to be rescued. It isn’t known how long the lonely and emaciated pup had been in the building, but there had been a significant amount of urine and feces in the room where he must have stayed.

The next step, after gaining a bit of trust from the sweet dog, was to get him out of the abandoned building, and of course it came to be – what goes up must come down, and with the help of rescuers, Teacher’s Pet was backed out of the window and within seconds was safely in the arms of his hero and lowered from the ladder.

And then it was back to the shelter – veterinarian health examination, vaccinations and then some gentle, positive training followed by a foster home and ultimately a new family.

Check out the video, but before you do, please consider a donation for Stray Rescue of St. Louis to help so many other pets in need.

And now for the best news ever! Check out the update below:

“Teacher’s Pet, now known as OLLIE, is adopted and happy! He doesn’t remember being all alone, scared, and starving in that school. All he knows is what’s happening now and he is SPOILED!

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