Terminally ill dog sits outside of her home with sign saying she needs ‘extra love’ is melting our hearts

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In Sommerville, Boston lives an adorable and very friendly little dog named Sparkle. She’s 11-years-old, and for the past decade she has enjoyed sitting outside and interacting with the neighbors; of course the pets on top of her head make it even more worthwhile for her.

Tragically, Sparkle is dying of terminal cancer, and as her neighborhood grieves at the sad news, Sparkle just wants to make sure she can still deliver smiles and adoring words while repaying the attention with her sweetness. And it was on November 9, when passer-by took Sparkle’s photo and shared it on social media.

” Made a new friend on my walk today.”

Eric Magnussen on Twitter

Sparkle’s owner Melora Rush wanted to give her neighbors a chance to say goodbye, and so she posted signs next to her dog’s favorite sitting spot. It read:

“Sparkle has cancer in her upper jaw, which sadly cannot be cured. She is being treated as needed with antibiotics (for secondary infection) and pain medications. Sparkle is 11 years old and has given joy and comfort to many in the neighborhood. We hope she will continue to be with us for several more months, but we cannot know. Depending on her daily condition, she may be spending more time inside these days.”

Melora Rush

And Melora’ sign also included the following heartwarming message:

“If you see her outside please continue to love her (gently). but avoid touching the side of her face, because it may be swollen and sensitive, and there may be some bleeding.

Sparkle has been bringing joy to our neighborhood for over 10 years now. Thanks for loving our girl.”

Melora Rush

The floodgates of love opened after reading the signs posted around Sparkle.

“There are literally signs of some great doggy parents. God bless them. And sweet Sparkle, I wish you many awesome days outside & inside for as many days as your body will allow … your neighbors are lucky AF to love on you.”


Melora has started a Twitter page entitled SparkleMayorOfSomerville.

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