Social media outrage over stray dog dragged helplessly by catch pole spurs investigation

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Animal advocates showed their outrage on social media after a stray, sick dog in Colton appeared to have been handled in a cruel manner by an animal control officer in Colton, California. The incident occurred on Monday morning on North Mt. Vernon Ave.


According to witnesses, the helpless nine-year-old mixed breed poodle was petrified as  the animal control officer used a catch pole and dragged the dog along the sidewalk on his side towards their truck.

“The pup peed while being dragged and they thought maybe had a seizure from being so afraid. I ask you does this dog need a catchpole and to be tied up when he’s on his side in fear?…”

Check out the video. What do you think? (copy and paste the url into your browser to view)

As the heartbreaking video went viral through social media, animal advocates questioned the injured dog’s treatment commencing with the catch pole and its legs being tied. When the Colton Police Department were overwhelmed with phone calls, they issued the following statement on their Facebook page.

“A department issued come-a-long pole was humanely placed over the dog’s head for the safety of the officer and the dog. As the officer attempted to walk the dog back to the vehicle he exhausted himself and became limp; he eventually had to be lifted onto the truck. He was transported to a nearby veterinarian clinic and treated. At the clinic it was discovered that he had conditions relating to severe neglect including severely matted fur with embedded ticks and foxtails, dental disease, and debris and infections in both of his ears. Due to the severe matting and tick infestation the dog was groomed, shaved, bathed, and transported to the Riverside County Department of Animal Services where he is continuing to be being treated by veterinarian staff.”

The Colton Police Department is reviewing the incident and the video which circulated on social media.

In an updated report on Wednesday, the dog as been taken to the Riverside Animal Shelter in Jurupa Valley where he is receiving the care he needs. When examined, it was determined the nine-year-old pup had been suffering from neglect and at this time can not bear weight on his left rear leg.


The dog has no identification, but at this time he is not available for adoption.

Riverside County Animal Services’ officers were not involved in this matter. Their role is solely to provide the dog care and, we hope, a second chance. We believe he is a cross between a cocker spaniel and Lhasa Apso.

(Photos: Dr. Luis Lizarraga examines the dog with assistance from RVT Erika Morrow; Photos by Aimee Hoesman.)

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3 replies
  1. Diana Rowell says:

    Who ever is responsible for the condition of this poor baby ought to have their ability to own pets revoked for at least 10 YEARS! Makes my blood boil when someone gets a dog, does NOTHING to take proper care of a sentient being that is TRAPPED either in their home or on a permanent tie out in the yard! ROTTEN to the CORE and it WILL bring THEM a reincarnation trip sending them to a MUCH LOWER station in life where THEY WILL come to KNOW what THIS is like to experience, but TENFOLD worse! Biblical law will NOT be dismissed OR watered down by LIES…PERIOD!

  2. O Olon says:

    After watching the video I was appalled and disgusted at how the officer dragged the dog she did not just take as per the notification from the animal services office. DID THEY NOT WATCH THE VIDEO? SHE PROBABLY DID MORE DAMAGE AND HARM TO THIS POOR DOG THAT DID NOT OFFER ANY RESISTANCE. How do they train these officers? To do as much harm as possible not to do the least harm? She must be retrained and the sad and sick part is what if no one had videoed this horrific treatment how much worse would it have gotten? THIS OFFICER NEEDS TO RETRAINED AND SUSPENDED FOR A FEW DAYS TO THINK ABOUT HOW TO CORRECTLY HANDLE INJURED ANIMALS WITHOUT DOING MORE HARM.


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