Shockingly defeated dog found in Galveston wagged his tail for his rescuers

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At the Galveston County Animal Resource Center, the shelter staff called out to ThisIsHouston to help with a two-year-old mixed breed dog found in a field on Monday. They named him Stormy – a name reflecting a dog in critical shape and dangerously close to death.

Stormy was found as a stray in the Galveston area. One can count every bone in his body; the defeat in his eyes so heartbreaking. Volunteers from ThisIsHouston rushed to the shelter to pick him up.

“He’s crashing he cannot even lift his head, he’s defecating all over himself and he’s shivering. The shelter had him at a vet clinic who did his bloodwork. His hematocrit is 13.5. He’s in awful shape. He desperately needs a blood transfusion,” the rescue posted on their social media page.

Stormy’s condition remains critical at Vergi 24/7. He has received a blood transfusion; Wonka a previously adopted dog from the rescue gave his blood to Stormy. Radiographs and a brief ultrasound have not discovered anything alarming. A feeding tube has been inserted and he remains on a strict refeeding schedule. Stormy wasn’t interested in food this morning, but he is resting comfortably and is on heat support and intravenous fluids.

“He wagged his tail for the techs please stay with us, Stormy.”

The Galveston County Animal Resource Center has confirmed Stormy does have a microchip, and it is believed he had been adopted from a shelter. Therefore, it is assumed this young dog had a home at one time, and whether his condition was intentional or he’s been missing for many months, it is not known. The contact number on the microchip has been disconnected.

Updates to follow.

To donate to Stormy:
Call VERGI at 713-932-9589
Venmo @ThisIsHouston


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  1. Diana Rowell says:

    I pray God’s hand of JUSTICE finds TEXAS, a state FULL of PURE EVIL, with ceaseless EXTREME weather storms. Specifically, I ask Him to bring several HARD FREEZES, IMMEDIATELY followed by CEASELESS rain bringing HISTORIC flooding as a way to PURIFY these DEMONS. Praise be to the ONLY King of OUR lives and world and His name is GOD, NOT donald j. trump!


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