Rescued ‘Sunny’ is only a two- year-old and this is what months of neglect caused

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In the Los Angeles area, Sunny was just rescued from the South Los Angeles Animal Shelter. His condition is the result of months of neglect. Fortunately social media joined together, and this helpless little victim of abject animal cruelty is safe.

A volunteer at the shelter posted a plea for help.

“I see lots of dogs in pretty bad shape… but this? THIS IS A TWO YEAR OLD PUPPY! What kind of pathetic monster allowed this? Meet little Patches #A2007521 – This poor soul is in the South LA SHELTER (Chesterfield). They are incapable of treating his medical needs! BLUE ALERTED: Medical Condition: Medical alert—Severe skin infection, Demodex. Male, White Mixed Breed. Approximately 2 years old. Intake- November 11, 2021. Animals on Blue Medical Alert have a treatable medical condition that is too severe to be cared for in a shelter. These animals need adoption/rescue and private medical care.

Facebook #A2007521

And shortly after the plea for help came out, the League of Extraordinary Mutts stepped forward to help.

“Sunny’s condition is a result of months of neglect. Sunny is also severely dehydrated, and he only weighs 8 pounds – half of what he should weigh. Our vet is treating Sunny with a mixture of eastern and western medications, medicated shampoo, herbs, supplements and raw food diet. He will need to see the vet for check ups and to clean his wounds occasionally.

Facebook League of Extraordinary Mutts

As of December 8, 2021, Sunny will need a new foster home, and it is hoped a new temporary family living in the westside of Los Angeles can help since he will need to be checked on every few days and visit with the veterinarian once a week.

If you want to donate towards Sunny’s medical cost, note “Sunny” when donating. Our rescue does not collect pledges, so Sunny does need some donations. Venmo: loemrescue55

Paypal: @rescuedogzpaypal

Address for check (League of Extraordinary Mutts) 1730 Colby Ave #203, Los Angeles, CA, 90025

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