Dog left paralyzed in his hind legs after being groomed at local salon

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In Union, Kentucky, Jill Ross and her daughter’s beloved 12-year-old dog Harley no longer has the use of his hind legs. Sadly, the family had taken Harley to a local groomer, and when they picked him up, he had been dragging his back legs.

According to WcpoNews, the groomer told the family the dog had worn himself out during the session, and a vet connected to the salon had prescribed anti-inflammatory medication.

Sadly, by the next morning, Harley’s back legs were paralyzed. He was rushed to the veterinary hospital and after radiographs and other tests, a damaged disc was shown to be responsible for his paralysis. Harley underwent the surgery, which cost more than $6,000, and the expenses continue for the dog’s physical therapy needed to help him regain use of his rear legs.

The grooming salon has denied any blame saying the dog had a known pre-existing condition, and the salon claims they did nothing wrong.

Harley’s family continues to work with their dog daily holding him up to build up the muscles again in his back legs.

Just as a warning, there are few states that require groomers to have any licensing. Make sure to find out about the training your groomer has had, check their references and find out if there have been any complaints against the groomer or the salon.

Get well soon Harley.

(Photo: screenshot via WcpoNews)

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  1. Diana Rowell says:

    Pet owners simply can NOT TRUST ANYONE with their pets. NO sitter, NO groomer, hell even the fucking vets are beating them until they’re paralyzed or DEAD. Law enforcement doesn’t give a shit, your state ass wipes in office do NOT give a damn. Even some governors are so depraved they ALLOW their citizens to TORTURE animals on every corner, while sitting in their $500 leather chairs, fat as a pregnant woman, smoking the best cigars and drinking the best whiskey, that YOU ARE PAYING FOR. Do you realize HOW FUCKING STUPID YOU ALL LOOK. WE have eyes people and ears, you can NOT tell us it doesn’t happen when it’s right in our faces. You ALL WILL answer for this one day, that I do KNOW. LMFAO.


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