Emergency rescue needed: Heartbreaking video shows 14-year-old dog surrendered to shelter because ‘he is too old’

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After 14-years of true canine loyalty, Shadow was surrendered to the East Valley Animal Shelter. He was turned in by his guardian, who when asked why he was surrendering his dog to the shelter, replied with, “He is too old.”

What makes this person’s words even sadder is the man has had this dog since he was a puppy, and this very friendly dog couldn’t figure out why he was where he was, or where his guardian had gone.

“Humans fail animals every day. Shadow is now at the East Valley Animal Shelter confused of where he is and where his guardian is.”


Shadow14 years old

Male 82 lbs


East Valley Animal Shelter (818) 756-9323

According to volunteers at the shelter, the family purchased a puppy, and Shadow had been the only dog and when the puppy came into the home, Shadow showed his dominance. It seems as if the family decided to get rid of Shadow and keep the puppy rather than working with the senior pooch and working on the relationship between the two dogs. Shadow is currently available for adoption.

Check out the video showing Shadow’s surrender to the shelter:


Please share Shadow’s plight with approved rescue organizations, friends, family and social media contacts. Sharing saves lives. Follow Shadow’s story here.

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