Owners who dumped emaciated pup with deformed paws claimed dog was a stray

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Who can even imagine Remus is a four-year-old German shepherd? His previous owner surrendered him to a rural shelter in Alabama claiming he had been a stray; most likely to avoid paying any surrender fees to the shelter or being charged for the abject neglect and abuse of this dog. Nevertheless, Remus had a microchip which confirmed his previous owners are guilty of animal cruelty.

Fortunately, Remus’ plight quickly improved when he was rescued from the shelter and transferred to an animal hospital where treatment has been started. When he arrived at the shelter, he had been covered in feces and urine, and the staff believed he had spent most of his life living in a cage – rarely left out to exercise.

Since he has been at the animal hospital for nearly a week, Remus has undergone multiple medicated baths to treat his itchy skin caused by a severe case of demodex mange. The most worrisome issue Remus has to deal with are his two front legs which are turned outwards.

His rescuers, Maverick Pet Transportation & Rescue, Inc.

“Remus is emaciated, has mange and has some deformed from paws. He is currently receiving the best of care by an awesome vet in Tennessee. The current plan is to treat the mange and get some weight on him. The vet does not think that his front paws are from trauma. Best guess is that, it is either a birth defect or this poor boy was kept in an undersized crate most of his life.”

To donate to Remus, please click on the links below for Maverick Pet Transport & Rescue:

A 501-c3 non profit organization in animal welfare. While we specialize in transportation, we also rescue sheltered animals.
We are a 501c3 nonprofit organization in animal welfare. We rescue animals from shelters, rehabilitate them, vet them and adopt them. We also provide transportation.
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