Owner asked animal shelter to euthanize their dachshund for ‘cherry eye’

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Meet Iris; her face and whiskers are gray around her nose and her eyes seem weary, but it’s not like she should be handed a death.

Tragically, Iris was brought to a Florida shelter on Wednesday after her family loaded her into the car for a “ride.” They held her in their arms at the shelter and waited in line, and when it was their turn and asked why they wanted their senior pup euthanized, they told the shelter staff it was because their dog had “cherry eye.”

“We thought we had heard it all for reasons for a dog being surrendered for euthanasia, but apparently we have not,” posted Dachshund Rescue South Florida after stepping up to help Iris.

“…And what was her medical issue that caused her family to surrender her? Was she dying of cancer? No. Was she suffering from IVDD? No. Did she have some long term, expensive, unmanageable condition? No.”

And now Dachshund Rescue South Florida will make sure Iris receives all the care she needs. When she is ready, she will be available for adoption and will live out her life in a loving home where she is truly appreciated.

To help with Iris’ surgery and her ongoing care, donations can be made by clicking here.

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