No interest in shelter dog who is so scared that she had to be carried from her kennel

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A dog who has been at the Los Angeles County Animal Control, in Palmdale, California, since May was so scared upon intake that she had to be carried from her kennel run. The four-year-old dog, named Mia, lays in her run shaking in fear and nobody has expressed any interest in trying to save her from her misery.

On Wednesday, a woman who photographs and advocates for shelter dogs, posted a video of Mia shaking in her kennel run, writing:

Terrified, overwhelmed and shut down. This is her after 4 weeks at the shelter. Initially was frozen in her kennel and would not move. Had to be carried in and out.
Staff has been working with her and she will take food from a staff member. But she needs out.

Because of her intense fear, Mia is labeled as “rescue only.”

Her advocate writes:

Out in the play yard with other dogs, she would look away when any dog approached and she just laid in the same spot during her time in the yard. She had to be carried back to her kennel.
She has NO interest. Please tag rescue, share and comment to help her be SEEN.

Will you help save Mia’s life? Please network!

She’s available for rescue only at the Palmdale Animal Care Center 💻 please email directly to set up an appointment. Include the #A above and your phone number too!
[email protected] (661)575-2888

Petharbor link here.

For more information about this animal, call:
Los Angeles County Animal Control – Palmdale at (661) 575-2888
Ask for information about animal ID number A5420993

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