Two-month-old ‘Little Mary’ thrown in trash in desert heat didn’t survive

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Volunteers tried so hard to save two-month-old “Little Mary.” What could only  be described as a heartless monster who abandoned the helpless puppy by a dumpster in the Mojave desert heat of California on Sunday, the culprit just drove away. Scared, hungry and thirsty the Little Mary tried to hang on; she so wanted to live.

Someone brought Little Mary to the shelter. Diane Perry knew she needed immediate help; the call was answered.

Balooja’s Foundation had a plan lined up to rescue the puppy and called Cathi Perez for help. Tragically, the fires near Sand Canyon delayed her trip, and Little Mary died at the California City Shelter before anyone could get there.

“I am so heartbroken we couldn’t save her, I don’t even know what happened, she died in the shelter all alone,” Cathi wrote on her Facebook page.

Balooja’s Foundation founder Sal Valdepena was crushed.

“Some people are the plague of the planet. Putting a baby in a trash can in the desert is DISGUSTING!. May life be cruel to you!”

Little Mary will not be forgotten, and in honor of a life that should have been, another dog in need of rescue will be saved. Fly with the angels little one.

On Monday afternoon, Sal introduced us to Angus:

“In memory of Mary, Balooja’s Foundation and Hope For Paws will save Angus. He’s been really sick requiring Multiple blood transfusions. He’s been really sick requiring Multiple blood transfusions.

In her death, she becomes his savior.

Pray and send good vibes to little Angus. He’s got a battle ahead, but we will be there to support him.

Both pups came from Cal City Shelter. A small shelter in the desert. Small in size, Huge in heart.

Diane Perry”

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  2. This is sad and disgusting beyond words can express….. The POSs who tortured this precious little treasure and abandoned her are pure evil!!!!!!!! Lock these POSs up and lose the keys!!!!! Should only leave prison in a pine box (& that is way too good for them)……. They will burn in the hottest part of Hell forever for their cruelty……. They can’t get to Hell fast enough………

    Whilst I am VERY sad this precious little treasure didn’t survive, I am VERY grateful for those who saved her and tried their best to help her. In her last hours of life, she was loved……. She didn’t die In the dumpster alone, in pain, afraid, & (worst of all) unloved……

    RIP precious treasure, your life mattered and we hope you get justice……. please look for MacKitty in Heaven and you can RIP amongst loving snuggle buddies….

    Rescuing Angus is wonderful. I hope he recovers ASAP and is rehomed into a loving furever family where he will be treated as a beloved family member……


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