UPDATE: Life about to get better for ‘Tank’ as he leaves shelter

At the Carson Animal Care in California, Tank waited for someone to be his friend. The 10-year-old Cane Corso did not have an easy life, and somehow fate pushed him to the shelter. The Internet … Read More

Blind ‘Princess’ has been living on Tijuana streets, but her life is about to change

In Tijuana, day in and day out, stray animals suffer. Once they likely belonged to someone, but at some time in their lives, their owners didn’t care, didn’t bother or just threw them away as … Read More

Update on dog attacked by homeless man with machete

On Friday afternoon, a crazed homeless man launched an unprovoked attack using a machete on a sweet, stray  pup in Tijuana, Mexico. A local woman had been feeding the young Chihuahua mix and was told … Read More

Two-month-old ‘Little Mary’ thrown in trash in desert heat didn’t survive

Volunteers tried so hard to save two-month-old “Little Mary.” What could only  be described as a heartless monster who abandoned the helpless puppy by a dumpster in the Mojave desert heat of California on Sunday, … Read More