Chicago rescue refuses to hand over 15 puppies to be flown back to Jordan

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Fifteen sick puppies rescued from a cargo service area at O’Hare International Airport were scheduled to be returned to their point of origin on Monday. The Chicago French Bulldog Rescue, the organization that has been caring for the puppies after they were discovered in a warehouse with no food or water, defied a court order out of concern for the dogs’ “health and welfare” and refused to take them to the airport to be boarded on a plane for an extended flight.

Press Release 9/27/20 -9:30 pm

New Information: Counsel for the Chicago French Bulldog Rescue has released the following statement, “Out of ongoing concern by Chicago French Bulldog Rescue for the health and welfare of the 15 puppies rescued from a warehouse at O’Hare International Airport, I have informed all relevant agencies of the government and Royal Jordanian Airlines earlier today that the rescue will not be turning over the 15 French bulldog puppies to anyone tomorrow, Monday at 9:00 am.” R Tamara de Silva.

Federal authorities had given the rescue organization until Monday morning to return the puppies to the owner in Jordan; the puppies were scheduled to make the 13-hour flight that afternoon.

The attorney for the rescue organization is currently working with U.S. Rep Mike Quigley of Chicago and U.S. Senator Tammy Duckworth of Hoffman Estates – pressuring the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) and the Jordanian government to allow the puppies to remain in the United States and be adopted. The puppies had been cramped into a corner of a warehouse for four days with no food or water when they were found by a truck driver who reported the disturbing situation. On August 31, the puppies were moved to the Chicago French Bulldog Rescue where $45,000 has been spent to help the defenseless little ones.

There have been hundreds of inquiries from people asking to adopt the puppies.  French bulldogs have become one of the most popular breeds in the United States. At this time the rescue does not own the puppies, and therefore have no legal authority to adopt them out. They remain in foster homes, clinics and veterinarian offices receiving the necessary care and attention.

“We are so grateful for the massive outpouring of support for the Jordan 15 and all of the dogs/puppies caught up in the horrific international puppy mill trade. As we wait for word from our incredible legal team, here are a few things you can do today to help:”

1) Share the petition if you have not already with friends and family. Consider sharing in a group that has nothing to do with pets. It is important that we continue to raise awareness to the cruelty that the pups have endured for profit.

2) If you do not already know who represents you, learn your federal congressional and senate districts and have the email addresses for your legislators handy. You will need them again before this over.

3) Keep checking back in for the next action item.

The pups are safe today and doing well.

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  1. Diana Rowell says:

    The CDC is NOW just as CORRUPT as any other federal agency because of DONALD J. tRUMP! The fact that ANYONE would continue to support a CRIMINAL is astounding and that most of these “supportes” are “so-called” christian makes me vomit. GOD nor JESUS CHRIST WOULD SUPPORT THEM FOR WHAT THEY ARE TRYING TO FORCE UPON INNOCENT AMERICANS AND ANIMALS. PERIOD!


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