Chicago rescue fighting to keep puppies found at O’Hare airport from being shipped out

Fifteen sick puppies rescued from a cargo service area at O’Hare International Airport are scheduled to be returned to their point of origin on Monday. The transport company has been cited  with 17 charges of animal cruelty and neglect after the dogs were discovered left in a warehouse with no food or water – one of the dogs had died.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention have demanded the dogs be shipped back on a 13-hour flight to the Middle East after arriving in the United States last month without the proper identification.  The (CDC) refused to allow the people who purchased them to take them home because of issues with the dogs’ vaccination documents. The dogs arrived on the airline service Alliance Ground International and had been shipped on a 13-hour trip from Amman, Jordan.

Officers found 16 French bulldogs in small cages covered with feces and urine. Also discovered were four German shepherds – two now being cared for by Chicago Animal Care and Control. Two other dogs are still missing from records.

According to the Chicago French Bulldog Rescue, the dogs are scheduled to be flown back to Jordan where it is feared they will all be euthanized. The rescue group has been fighting to keep the puppies in the United States:

“We are waiting for the flight info and time they have to be there but in the meantime-we ask that you keep calling the CDC and your congress people and senators. Amnesty can and has been given in situations like these. The dogs will have been in vet care and in quarantine for 28 days as of Monday and in the US for 32 days total. We have followed every protocol since we were asked to pick them up. Our vets have nursed them back to health again- vaccinated them and they are healthy now. There is no logical reasoning they CAN’T remain here but the CDC is ordering they have to go back. NOT the USDA- all the correspondance with our lawyer has been from the CDC,” the organization posted on their social media page.

The latest update from the rescue is asking animal advocates to call their representatives and sign the attached petition. The rescue has spent tens of thousands of dollars caring for the puppies; treating them for the illnesses and neglect they suffered so early in their lives. The rescue want the dogs to stay and continue their recovery. When they are healthy, they will be offered to the public for adoption.

UPDATE on #Jordan15

“Chicago French Bulldog Rescue continues to fight for puppies from illegal Russian puppy importer. We discovered discrepancies in the CDC’s version of the chain of events. We now have less than 48 hours.

Puppies now all have proper vaccinations. They are able to be quarantined according to the USDA guidelines in the US – the CDC is denying this request.

The dogs originated in Moscow, Russia and were sent to the US after a 5 to 7 day layover in Jordan. This enables the broker enough time to change paperwork before entering the US.

There is reason to believe at this point that if the puppies are flown back to Jordan they will be euthanized.

Additional new details:

CDC prohibited the warehouse staff from opening the cages to clean and feed the dogs/puppies when in the warehouse. The warehouse staff did everything they could for the dogs/puppies, showing receipts for food, shampoo, baby wipes, purchased with their own money.”

Please sign petition and call/email CDC. Time is running out.


Phone: 1.800.232.4636…

The Humane Society of the United States has also come to the rescue of these puppies stating the puppies arrived in the United States in apparent violation of federal law, however they should not be returned to the people who put them in this precarious position.

“The puppies, if imported illegally, should have been seized and cared for, and the importer charged for the veterinary expenses,” stated Kitty Block, CEO and president of the HSUS. “What’s even more troubling is that many other puppies imported by puppy mills share the same fate. The airlines, the CDC and the USDA must have a better plan for taking care of animals in these situations. These are sentient living beings and not contraband that can be shoved into a warehouse and forgotten.”

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