Paralyzed ‘Otillia’ left chained to a tree with no food or water

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A paralyzed dog had been left chained and tangled up to a tree unable to access food or water. Accompanied by local animal control officers on Wednesday afternoon, Dallas Dog -Rescue.Rehab.Reform arrived to help the terribly neglected dog in dire need of immediate care.

“I have NO WORDS! We have the police and Animal Control on the property asking the owners to surrender her to our rescue. We are rescuing this DOG! She is paralyzed, chained to the tree, her chained is wrapped around the tree so that she can not access her food or water!!! Please help this sweetheart!”

When the dog arrived at the organization’s emergency veterinarian, the dog was dehydrated, anemic and overheated. She was named Ottilia – meaning fortunate heroine.

“The doctor does not see a fracture or trauma to the spine he mentioned possible fungal infection, tick disease despite the test being negative,” the organization posted on their Facebook page accompanied by the heartbreaking photos of a defeated and terribly neglected dog.

We are sending blood work out and they have recommended a biopsy of the bone. We are working on her getting her to Dallas to see our doctors as soon as we can arrange it…”

Check out the dog’s video.

The rescue group is working with local police and animal control officers. Everything is being documented, and all information will be sent to the police department.

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  1. These people better be facing charges for this. I can’t believe they weren’t arrested right there. The justice system is of no use if it can’t even do anything to people that purposely torture animals. Absolutely heartbreaking. Thank goodness to the hero’s that saved this poor angel.


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