Fashion designer Tory Burch’s dog ‘Chicken’ is back home

In a happy reunion, fashion designer Tory Burch’s dog “Chicken” has been returned and is safely back home. On Wednesday morning, Tory posted the happy news on social media.

“Thank you to everyone for the incredible support helping find our puppy Chicken. The outpouring of love has been overwhelming, especially from pet rescue organizations, Central Park Conservancy, NYPD, ASPCA, NYCACC, and every pet owner in and around New York City. We appreciate everyone who helped get the message out on social media and in the news media. And a very special thank you to the family who found and cared for Chicken and brought her home. You are our heroes …”

On Sunday evening, Burch posted on her Instagram account that her seven-month-old poodle went missing in Central Park. A couple had been seen with the dog in front of a Madison Avenue bank and had told witnesses they were going to have the puppy’s microchip checked.

It is not clear if Burch paid the $10,000 reward to the couple or how Chicken became separated from her family, but she’s safe and back home.

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