Heartbreaking: Woman tied up dog and the dog tried to follow her

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In a disturbing video in San Antonio released by Animal Care Services on Wednesday, a truly heartbroken and desperate dog tried to follow his owner after she tied him up in a residential driveway to the base of a basketball hoop and walked away.

According to Animal Care Services, the entire incident was captured on a home surveillance doorbell security system on April 24 along Pioneer Gold on the Northwest Side. The heartbreaking video showed a woman walking a leashed dog up a driveway; she can then be seen tying the leash to the base of the hoop after putting food on the ground to distract him. The dog could be seen wagging his tail enthusiastically and starting to eat the food, but as the woman walked away, the dog stopped eating and tried his best to follow her. The woman turned around to look at the dog, but continued walking away.

“While the dog in the video is safe, Animal Care Services stresses animal abandonment is not only inhumane; it’s also against the law. Cruelty Investigators are seeking the identity of the individual pictured and urge anyone with information to call 311,” the organization said in a statement.

 As a Class C misdemeanor, the crime is  punishable by a fine up to $500. If the crime is considered a felony, the punishment can be up to two years in jail and a fine of $10,000.

Check out the video at this link:

Dog abandoned at basketball hoop (Ring doorbell camera video provided by Animal Care Services)

HEARTBREAKING: Animal cruelty investigators in San Antonio are searching for the person who abandoned a dog by tying it up to a basketball hoop. Video shows the dog struggling to follow the person who just walked away.Details: https://bit.ly/2vvvi87

Posted by News 4 San Antonio on Wednesday, May 1, 2019

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Clever pooch!

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  1. Pennysdachshunds says:

    I HOPE someone turns her in ::: SIMPLY Rotten ::: Guess What !!! DOGS LIVES MATTER TOO::: !!!! Have you heard a Slogan sweeping across this Great Country ::: a Couple of years ago??? I Hope you are caught and go to jail without a Pass!!


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