Dog who spent year in a closet, now lives in a cage – and she needs help

Dog was locked in a closet now she lives in a cage
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A dog who spent the first year of her life in a closet, now is locked away in a shelter cage and she needs your help! On Monday, Desperate Dogs of Long Island issued a plea on behalf of Ryleigh, a two-year-old dog who has never known the joy of being part of a family.

Desperate Dogs of Long Island writes:

She’s never known the sounds of happiness, the sounds of children playing, or the luxury of freedom- all she knows is misery- misery and four walls- behind a locked gate…of loneliness.

Before arriving to the shelter, she lived in the locked closet of an abandoned home with her “squatter” owners. Her life at the time was abysmal – she was provided with limited food and water and she was not provided with any creature comforts.

The days of malnourishment have ended, but she still waits for the love she is longing for. The Facebook page stated:

A very social and intelligent dog, she lives to please- she knows her down, sit, stay and leave it commands, and walks very well on leash. She is due to go to board and train in the coming weeks to learn new skills, so she can be the best dog she can be- and she’s hoping she won’t be going back to the shelter- she’s hoping for her new home.

Will you please take a moment to help Ryleigh find a family?

Call or text 631-598-9521 with questions or offers to help.

Location: Suffolk County, Long Island, New York

Note: Meet and greet is required

Please join us in spreading a message of love and kindness. We hope to someday see a world free from cruelty!

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Clever pooch!

Soooo happy!

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