Heartbreaking: Dumped dog runs after owner’s car at shelter

In Jackson, Mississippi, a heartbreaking video of a dumped dog running after her owner’s car after she was abandoned in the parking lot of a Jackson animal shelter has gone viral.

In the video, posted by the Animal Rescue Fund on Thursday, the dog’s owner, driving a light colored SUV, can be seen pulling into the shelter’s parking lot. The driver gets out of the vehicle and knocks at the door, but when no one answers pushes the dog out of the SUV and leaves.  Frantically, the dog can be seen running after the vehicle out of the gate and down the road.

On Wednesday evening, another vehicle was spotted on surveillance parked at the closed gate leaving two dogs in a small crate and driving away.

The shelter is trying to find the third dog.

The Animal Rescue Fund is in need of help. Please read the following plea for donations:

“3 dogs in one day were dumped at our shelter! We are frantically looking one that escaped with its owners literally following them right after they opened the door and let it loose. The other two are safe and secure and at the vet. The two that were left together we believe were there overnight but will check videos after we find the lost victim of neglect that is on the run. For us to take in any single animal we are out space … specifically kennels and could use your help! Tractor supply in canton gives us a great discount around $300 each. We aren’t asking for $300 from one person but if you have a team of people or group of friends that want to come together and fundraise for a kennel we can for sure use them! Photo of dogs dumped at gate in comments. To donate you can click here or by PayPal: arfms@comcast.net

And sadly there were more abandoned innocent puppies and their mother:

“This is the day that just keeps on giving…..
The trap was set across the street ( the last place we saw the faithful friend running) & caught two puppies instead.
After speaking with employees, we’ve now discovered there is a mom and litter living across the street. Let the trapping begin. We so need fosters!! We have so many puppies that need to be out of the shelter environment. Please consider. All supplies are provided. Prayers that we also catch the faithful friend who was dumped st the gate.”


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Abandoned after going blind…


4 replies
  1. Adrienne says:

    These scum knew they were dumping their loyal companions, yet they were too embarrassed to do it during the day when they could be seen. Do it after hours so your vile face can’t be see. If they find out who did this to these dogs as well as find the other dogs, those humans should be forced to live the way these dogs have.

  2. pennysdachshunds says:

    Well the ASSHOLE that dumped their devoted Pet can afford to drive a decent and newer model SUV!!! The OWNER is a BOTTOM FEEDER (carp). and should be tied to a cement slap and dropped Off in the River!!! Would NOT BE a LOSS to SOCIETY!! Poor Dog!! How TRAGIC!!!!


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