K-9 Officer Jake sniffed ‘ecstasy’ on cruise ship inspection and fell ill

Drug sniffing dog, K-9 Officer Jake, a three-year-old Golden retriever, with the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office was rushed to a veterinary hospital after being exposed to “ecstasy” and amphetamines on Wednesday while inspecting the luggage of passengers boarding the Norwegian Epic for Holy Ship! – an annual electronic dance music festival.

According to Port Canaveral, and the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office,  K-9 Officer Jake and his handler, Deputy Scott Stewart, had been screening passengers.  As passenger Leslie Bennett’s luggage was searched,  Jake signaled his handler about the presence of drugs. As K-9 Jake inhaled the substance, he quickly became ill – having a seizure and problems with balance.

The dog was administered Narcan, a medication used to lessen the effects of opioids and then rushed to a veterinarian. According to Sheriff’s spokesperson, Tod Goodyear, the dog was not given the proper medication to combat the drugs, however by Friday, K-9 Jake was back on the job.

“K9 JAKE’S BACK ON THE BEAT: Brevard County Sheriff’s Office, Florida (Official) K9 Deputy Jake is back on duty at Port Canaveral, playing with his handler, Deputy Scott Stewart, and showing no ill effects from a severe reaction that the 3-year-old golden retriever suffered Wednesday from finding drugs on a passenger. Deputies were inspecting luggage of passengers boarding the Holy Ship! electronic dance music festival cruise when the K-9 deputy alerted his handler. A short time later, Jake lost motor skills and suffered seizure-like symptoms. Deputy Stewart immediately injected Dep. Jake with Narcan, an injection used for people who have overdosed on heroin or other opioids. Jake was taken to a veterinarian and later released. The passenger was charged with possessing a controlled substance without a prescription after deputies found he had a sedative and other prescription drugs as well as ecstasy and an amphetamine.

Bennett, 33, was arrested with a dozen other passengers on drug charges.

Good for you K-9 Jake. We are grateful you are doing well.

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