Cruel owner strikes dog with skateboard for running too fast

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Another disturbing video has emerged showing heartbreaking animal cruelty as a horrible owner is caught striking his dog with his skateboard because the Golden retriever had been running too fast.

According to the Daily Mail, the incident occurred in Guangdong, China, while the man and his dog were in a public park. An eyewitness stated the man hit the dog with his skateboard after he fell off because the dog had been running so fast. In anger, the man repeatedly slams the dog’s head into a nearby concrete post.

The scared dog cowers in fright and tries to avoid the repeated blows from his owner. After the video went viral, social media users erupted into intense anger and have been demanding China pass laws to prevent such abuse. China does not have any laws protecting animals against cruelty, although it does have legislation protecting land based and aquatic wildlife.

Animal protection legislation in China has been on the table since 2009, which would result in fines and two weeks detention for those found guilty of animal cruelty, yet nothing has been passed to this date. The constant reports of heinous cruelty and abandonment to companion animals continues to evoke serious resentment in China’s society, especially as younger people find companionship and adoration for their own pets.

To think such animal cruelty is condoned by the government is inexcusable.

Pet Rescue Report has decided not to post the video. For anyone who would like to view the graphic, heartbreaking and disturbing video, please click here for the link.

(Photos via Pear Video screenshots)

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Abandoned after going blind…


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  1. Diana Rowell says:

    And so many people just get enraged about DEPORTING immigrants from South America, when in fact, we ought to be deporting these remedial Chinese THUGS. There have been 342 VERIFIED reports of Chinese CURRENTLY in the U.S. that have been charged with EXTREME ANIMAL ABUSE in the past 9 years! Recently it was reported a Chinese student poured BOILING WATER ON HIS CAGED DOG 3 TIMES BECAUSE THIS POOR DEAR PEED IN HIS CAGE! Where is YOUR OUTRAGE for that?

  2. Mallory whight says:

    Um excuse me but you aren’t supposed to hit your dog. Its a golden retriever of course it’ll run fast, you where the one who got your self hurt by making it pull you on your skate board you fat pig. Dogs aren’t horses there man’s best friend . So someone please take his dog away and give it to me my two will be so happy to have a extra playmate


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