‘Every inch of her body hurts’: Ailing Great Dane pulled from shelter

An ailing Great Dane, whose every inch of her body hurt, was rescued on Saturday from the animal shelter in Fort Walton, Florida. The shelter contacted Northwest Florida Great Dane Rescue for help. Staff and volunteers at the shelter were worried the dog would not survive unless she received immediate emergency care.


Meet Faith. By Saturday afternoon, she had been rushed to the organization’s partner veterinarian where she was diagnosed with an upper respiratory infection – possibly pneumonia.

“Every inch of her body hurts her right now. Trying to load her into my vehicle with Tracy at the shelter was not easy. I ended up having to put a blanket over her head, because everywhere you touch is painful and bloody. I wish you guys could smell this dog.”


The dog remains in critical condition. Her internal body temperature was extremely low when she arrived at the veterinary hospital. Skin scrapings show she has one of the worst cases of demodex mange the vet has ever seen. Faith is septic; her white blood count is through the roof, and her blood platelets are very low.


“Her entire body is an infection and full of bloody serum everywhere.”

Faith’s prognosis remains guarded. She remains on an intravenous drip and strong antibiotics. She may also require a platelet transfusion. The dog is completely exhausted, and she’s in pain which is why she has been muzzled. Volunteers say this dog is a fighter, and her life depends on it.

Warning: Video is graphic and may not be suitable for all viewers. Please use discretion.


Donations are needed to help Faith.


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