Elsa needs a Christmas miracle from a depressing high kill Texas shelter

Elsa needs a Christmas miracle; if ever a dog needed help just one look at her face tells her whole story. Neglected, unwanted, sick and lonely, what kind of heartless owner couldn’t see her pain?

“She has endured extreme suffering for years living in torment.
She is so bad that she’s shriveled up to nothing as she backs against the shelter kennel , hoping to become invisible to humans.
If Elsa could talk , her story would make you cry buckets of tears,” posted Stacey Silverstein, co-founder of the rescue organization Rescue Dogs Rock NYC.



“The shelter gives no pardons , just because it’s Christmas …
Elsa will be euthanized if not rescued …
She needs urgent and expensive medical care .
Will you help Elsa?,” continued Stacey.

And on a busy Christmas Eve, Elsa’s new life will soon become a reality.  Elsa will receive a Christmas miracle. Rescue Dogs Rock NYC will be there for her. Donations are needed. Follow her story here.


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