Rescue seeks home for disfigured puppy, Bethany

An animal rescue organization is hoping to find someone who is willing to give a disfigured puppy a chance. The eight-month-old retriever mix, Bethany, was born with a malformed face – something off-putting to many people.

Looks aside, Bethany is a healthy puppy who is normal in every other respect. The fun-loving puppy is in the care of Safe Rescue for Dogs in Norwich, Norfolk (U.K), which has been inundated with inquiries about Bethany since her story hit the news.

On the rescue agency’s website, the deluge of inquiries has been addressed:

Bethany is in the national press and we are hugely grateful for the coverage.

However there are just two of us answering calls and another two on emails and with the best will in the world we are not going to be able to respond to every single enquiry.

Going forward we will only be homechecking applicants who are willing to take other dogs as there is a lot of man power and time involved in the homecheck process and we only have one Bethany (and a Carolina).

While everyone is clamoring to learn more about Bethany, her sibling, Carolina, who has a similar disfigurement, is also waiting for a forever home. Learn more about Carolina at this link.

The rescue group writes:

Carolina is a happy little soul, her tail is always wagging and she loves the company of both dogs and people. Shes a playful little girl who loves her toys and is constantly around me looking for attention and cuddles.

Find the rescue agency caring for these pups at this link to their website.

(Safe Rescue For Dogs images)

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