Dogs with serious injuries from fighting on ‘other side of fence’

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In Spaulding County, Georgia, four dogs with horrific injuries appeared to have been involved in dog fighting. Neighbors were shocked to see the animal abuse that had been happening on the “other side of the fence.”

According to WSBNews, Courtney Montez Thomas, 35, faces animal cruelty charges as the Griffin Police Department investigates the circumstances that resulted in one dog being euthanized and the seizure of three others to the custody of Spalding County Animal Control.

A fence separates the yards on Lang Street and Melton Street, and when neighbors heard dogs barking and shrieking they were concerned, but it was what the witness saw that was shocking.

“I thought they were hanging bait for dogs to snap at to train them for dogfighting,” she said. “It broke my heart. I couldn’t stand it.”

Through the fence, the woman spotted an injured pit bull with no cheeks or gums; his teeth showed through no fault of his own. A smaller dog was emaciated and three other dogs were locked in pens. The photos, which were posted on Facebook, horrified viewers.

On Saturday, the Griffin Police Department found the dog with the severe facial injuries as well as the severely emaciated puppy. Courtney Thomas is suspected of running a dog fighting ring, although there was no evidence it was going on at this time. Although most of the dogs did have food and water, one of the dogs had to be humanely euthanized.

“After a report from the vets, we were able to upgrade the charges from simple animal cruelty to felony animal cruelty,” stated police. More charges are expected.

If you see something, say something. Be the voice for those who cannot speak. These dogs had been suffering on the other side of the fence. Many thanks to the heroes who spoke up for these innocent victims of neglect and abuse.

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