Disturbing video shows man using live opossum as fishing bait

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In Friendswood, Texas, a disturbing video appeared online showing a live opossum being used as bait by a man fishing. The video was sent to police on Saturday, and on Wednesday, Blake Morecraft, 28, was arrested.

According to Click2Houston, it was Kaelyn Henderson who received the video from her second cousin Morecraft and was so upset that she immediately contacted authorities. The video showed the opossum struggling to get free as it was being dangled by the fishing hook and line attached to his back. Another image showed the animal dragged across the floor attached to the hook. There was just no escaping for the helpless, frightened and injured opossum.

Henderson told her cousin to release the animal, but he told her he was using the possum as bait to catch a large fish near his home.

“It’s morally wrong what he did, regardless of whether it’s a nuisance or not. It had feelings. It could have been done humanely,” Kaelyn stated.

Morecraft has been charged with animal cruelty to non-livestock animals – a third-degree felony. His bond was set at $50,000.

There has been no information released at this time as to whether the opossum survived or what happened to it.

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