Woman alleged to have set fire to dog as revenge on estranged husband

Near Tampa, Florida, a woman is alleged to have set fire to her estranged husband’s favorite dog as revenge  after the couple broke up, and the woman was moving out of their Pasco County home. The dog, named Denali is suffering from severe burns and is being cared for by the Suncoast Animal League.

Denali, a 55-pound American Staffordshire terrier, had been one of eight dogs in the home, and as Brandi Corrigan, 40, packed up her personal belongings, she also trashed the house. That, however wasn’t all Corrigan is suspected to having done. According to Channel10News, Corrigan had painted graffiti inside and outside and dumped paint throughout the interior. She placed Denali in a separate room, poured an accelerant on her back and neck, and then set the house on fire.

According to the Suncoast Animal League Facebook page, five of the dogs in the home suffered smoke inhalation and have since recovered. The dogs have been placed with family and friends.Two other dogs, including Denali were taken to the Pasco Animal Services, but as Denali’s burn injuries escalated, he was rushed to the Blue Pearl Veterinary Partners for emergency treatment. Dr. Sylvia Lee had considered humane euthanasia because of the dog’s intense pain, however Denali has a strong will to live.

Denali’s condition remains critical, and she has undergone several surgeries to remove necrotic skin. On Saturday, veterinarians were pleased with the dog’s progress as well as her pain management program. Whenever a dog has regained their appetite to eat, it’s always a positive sign.

 “…her skin in other areas is healing and granulating nicely. We have also found out that Denali has a pretty good appetite and is eating her dog food without any issues. That’s big. And, it has been discovered that she has a favorite treat…chunky peanut butter.”

Her prognosis is encouraging, but it is a day to day challenge, yet her tail still wags when her name is called as she freely gives out kisses.

“Denali’s roller coaster ride continues and as we ride with her and keep you updated, our posts may contain some of those up and down moments. As Dr. Lee explained to us, with wound care and healing, ‘There will be good days and bad, and we are having more good days than bad.’ Please bear with us because this ain’t easy!”

Brandi Corrigan, has been charged with arson and possession of narcotics but not with animal abuse. She remains in the Land O’ Lakes Detention Center. Her bond is set at $55,300. Her husband, who works in private security, is in Iraq.





But then there is always hope. Check out the “baby steps.” Get well soon Denali. You have lots of fans cheering for your recovery.


To help with Denali’s medical expenses, donations can be made by clicking here.

(Photos and video of dog who was victim of estranged wife’s revenge via Suncoast Animal League)

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16 replies
  1. KMR says:

    Why hasn’t this vile piece of shit been charged with animal abuse, along with arson and narcotics possession?
    She deserves the same as she inflicted on the dog, but of course, not gonna happen. One can dream . .
    Hope poor Denali lives through this.

  2. maxiemom says:

    Not charged with animal abuse??????

    What does it take for those a******s down there to charge her? Why don’t they take animal cruelty seriously? I guarantee you that if that had been a child, she’d have been charged!

    Too bad there’s no way to give her the kind of punishment she really deserves.

    • Animal Advocate says:

      Totally agree. What is wrong with the Florida law enforcement? That is blantamt animal abuse and cruelty! She deserves the death penalty ! By fire! She will burn in hell!

  3. Adrienne says:

    The exact same thing needs to be done to her that she did to Denali but unfortunately that won’t happen. Why wasn’t she charged with any animal abuse charges? Someone needs to apply that to her list of charges. Stupid woman. Doesn’t she realize that her life is now even worse because of what she did than if you just moved out? Hope Denali and the other dogs do well and that their owner comes home soon.

  4. Linda says:

    I can’t believe she isn’t getting charged for more issues, SHE should have to pay ALL vet costs, why doesn’t any of these judges or whoever hands down the punishment have the abuser or accuser pay. I just don’t get it. it should be you do the crime you pay for all treatments, or bills. I hope that loser has to sleep with one eye open for the rest of her useless life.

  5. Barkley's Mom says:

    I don’t care what your EX has done to you, you don’t set an innocent animal on fire as retaliation! There is no punishment harsh enough for what this bitch has done to this poor dog! I hope she rots in jail and after that in Hell!

  6. Bev Woodburn says:

    This vile and evil sadistic, callous and psychopathic depraved animal torturing lowlife bitch Brandi Corrigan must have an accelerant poured over the evil bitch and set on fire and left to burn in agony.
    I believe all animal torturers and abuser must be punished by the same unimaginable heinous torture and suffering these sick psycho animal torturing monsters committed against their defenceles and innocent victims.
    My heart aches for precious and innocent Denali and I pray she survives. What an evil bitch taking it out on innocent and defenceless Denali for her vile and evil revenge to get back at her estranged husband. This evil animal torturing bitch Brandi Corrigan must be eradicated from our planet earth asap. Get rid of the lowlife filth. Let the evil bitch burn in hell for an eternity. That is what the vile lowlife pos bitch deserves.


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