Skeletal dog dumped and left for dead in an alley

Badly neglected, skeletal dog dumped in an alley – still fighting to survive

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Earlier this week, a young dog, severely neglected and skeletal, was found discarded in an alley in West Palm Beach, Florida. According to WPTV News, the matted dog was weak and near death when Chuck Kendrick found her not far from a discarded pink crate in Old Northwood.

Saving the neglected dog

Kendrick picked up the frail dog and rushed her to an emergency veterinarian for care. Thanks to fundraising by the Old Northwood Neighborhood Association, over $3,000 has been donated for the abandoned dog’s care. Matt Chambers, the creator of the fundraiser, told the news agency:

“We’re going to turn a really wrong into a right, and it shows you people care, people come together when you need it.”

Officials speak out

Capt. David Walesky with Animal Care and Control wants to remind the public that dumping pets is unacceptable:

“There’s really no excuse to abandon an animal. You need to come forward, you need to turn it in and do the right thing and allow somebody else to care for that animal if you’re not able to do so.”

(Images via WPTV News)

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5 replies
  1. Adrienne says:

    Thanks Chuck Kendrick for saving this pups life and hope with the donations raised, that it will help towards her recovery and getting a new family. This definitely proves there are wonderfully caring people in this world although it seems we are always reading about the vile monsters who harm animals. We who live in other states salute you in Palm Beach Florida.

  2. Bev Woodburn says:

    Chuck Kendrick you are a great person and I pray there were many caring animal lovers like you in this World, for saving that poor little dog from a horrible death. The innocent and precious little dog has suffered horribly by a psychopathic depraved lowlife animal torturing monster/s. The evil and vile monster\s must be caught and punished severley for there sadism and evilness. I cannot comprehend how these vile and evil monsters/s can commit such sadism and evilness against such defenceless and innocent sentient beings.
    I pray the Vets are able to save the little dogs life so she/he can live out his or her precious life in a forever loving home with animal caring people who will show the precious and innocent dog love and compassion for the rest of the little dogs life. Hang in there little fella and survive.
    I believe that all animal torturers and abusers should be eradicated from our planet. I couldn,t care a shit what age these psychopathic depraved monsters are.
    They deserve the death penalty and this is the only way that the precious and innocent animals can be protected from these sicko psychopathic depraved animal torturing monsters. These psycho monsters do not deserve to breath the air. Kill them all.
    The eradication of all the vile and evil animal torturers and abusers must be introduced into the Animal Protection Laws immediately.

  3. vicki hood says:

    Great job Chuck Kendrick. Hope that abused baby now has a life she deserves. I would take her in a second if i were closer. If someone could transport her to Oregon, i have the perfect spot in my bed, a few buddies that would love her, home cooking for health, and bunches of affection


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