From intentionally starved to the ‘luckiest’ dog in the world

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Champ, the once intentionally starved dog from Laurens, South Carolina, might be considered the “luckiest” dog in the world. Comfortably settled in his foster home in Maryland, the gifts continue to flood in.

Everyday is a new day for Champ. Going for walks and sniffing along the way with a family who loves him; is it any wonder he feels like the “luckiest” dog in the world?

Now the trips to the veterinarian don’t require Champ to stay overnight anymore. The prods and the pokes of needles are nearly finished. His progress continues to be amazing, and everyone at the office loves him. Champ is the “luckiest” dog in the world.


“Do you see that number???!!!!

Weight 73 lbs.
Pcv is at 37
Hemoglobin is normal

We are cutting back on his iron supplement and starting to mix in puppy food to get some more weight on him. Skin test won’t come back for 21 days. Didn’t appear to have mites. Suspects the hair loss is a secondary reaction to malnutrition. He had an ear infection and is on meds for that. Overall, he’s on the right path. He goes back in 2 weeks for a recheck. Everyone LOVED him!”

Many thanks from Champ to Rescue Dogs Rock NYC for making this dog’s journey possible.

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  1. Wow! Champ is really the champion of all dogs. If he can be saved and brought back from the brink, then there is so much hope for other pups in the same conditions. Just need the right group of people,doctors,staff and outpouring of love given to him by strangers. Wonderful news and thanks to all who gave their all for Champ. He is a winner there is no doubt.

  2. Like I said before if these low life scumbags would possibly think what they are doing to animals if this was done to them when they were a baby would they like it? These sick minded useless POS have a fried brain. Whatever they do to animal they need it done to them.

  3. The Problem is this “Sick, Sociopathic, Bitch” has not been in the PUBLIC EYE!!! They have no pictures of her in the Paper’s … No interviews…her identity has been hidden…even the Worthless Scum Bag that left his dog HAS NOT SPOKEN OUT…. SO THERE HAS BEEN NO ACCOUNTABILITY for either of them!!! EVEN the Neighbor that TOOK A stance has NOT been hear from!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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