Three dogs die after being stung by bees

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In a west Las Vegas Valley neighborhood on Thursday afternoon, three dogs died after being stung by hundreds of bees. A large hive of bees had developed in a nearby home, and the bees swarmed the dogs after feeling threatened.

According to the press release from the Las Vegas Fire Department, firefighters arrived on Walla Walla Drive and saw a man standing out in the street holding a dog that appeared to be lifeless. Treatment was immediately started on the unconscious dog who had been stung several hundred times. The other two smaller dogs were also stung and taken to an animal hospital. The homeowner stated she had found her dogs lying limp in the backyard as hundreds of bees swarmed around their eyes, noses and ears.

Tragically the injuries to the dogs were so critical, the family decided to humanely euthanize their pets – Alta, Rainbow and a five-year-old puggle named Romeo died, and the family is heartbroken. The man stung by the bees was treated and released.

The bees had been in the neighbor’s yard for at least six months. When the bees felt a vibration from one of the dog’s barking, the bees sensed trouble and from there the hive began to swarm. It is usual for bees to focus on the nose, eyes and ears when attacking. A bee exterminator on scene and Las Vegas firefighters sprayed foam in the area to calm the bees down. It was estimated that it would take an additional two hours for the bees to become completely calm.

What should a person do if they are attacked by bees? It is recommended to get out of the area. Don’t wave your arms, protect your face and head and leave quickly. The Bee Hotline can be contacted at 702.385.5853.

Rest in peace sweet dogs.

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4 replies
  1. Stephen Phillips says:

    “The bees had been in the neighbor’s yard for at least six months.”
    Shouldn’t there be some compensation/sanction/penalty for those homeowners, for failing to rectify or mitigate a known hazardous circumstance on their property… like a dangerous tree, or open well?
    Rest-in-peace, precious little souls…

  2. Adrienne says:

    Oh my gosh, those poor dogs being outside like that and nowhere to run for cover or rescue. What a horrible painful way for those 3 pups to die and all from one family. Owner of course is devastated they had to euthanize their dogs but was this large hive inside the neighbors home or outside. and were the dogs outside without anyone around?


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