Villagers in India tie leopard cub by legs as kids pose for photos

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A two-month-old leopard cub was tied up by his legs by villagers in Maharashtra, India to let children play with the panicky little one and pose for photos. The cub had ropes tied around its front and hind legs and another one around his neck.

According to the Daily Mail, the leopard cub had been spotted in the nearby forest, and instead of leaving it alone hoping that it would be found by its mother, the men tied its legs together and brought it back to their village. The disturbing video shows how the cub was made completely immobile as the men laugh teasing the wild and panicky baby.

Children and other villagers just stood around as the cub growled and tried to escape. When one of the men picked up the cub by the scruff of its neck, the little one tried to growl but was unable to make a sound. When finally placed back on the ground, the frightened little one broke out in heartbreaking whimpers.

Fortunately the video reached the Indian forest department, and the Conservator of Forest Subhash and rushed to the cub’s rescue.

“We have safety secured the cub and we will release it into its habitat soon after getting it properly checked by a vet.”

It is not known if animal cruelty charges have been pressed against the villager.

(Photos of abused leopard cub via Daily Mail and News Lions freeze shots)

WARNING: The video is explicit and upsetting and may not be suitable for all viewing audiences. The video can be viewed here.

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Incredible rescue!

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