Fisherman in India who caught dolphin in net carries it back out to sea

In Purina, India, a fisherman who accidentally caught an endangered dolphin in his net, picked it up and gently carried the dolphin away from the nets before releasing it back into the sea.

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Elephant herd have funeral procession as they cry over dead calf

In a viral video, an elephant herd had a funeral procession for a baby elephant as they wept and mourned the death of the newborn calf. The video, posted on Twitter by Indian Forest … Read More

Villagers in India tie leopard cub by legs as kids pose for photos

A two-month-old leopard cub was tied up by his legs by villagers in Maharashtra, India to let children play with the panicky little one and pose for photos. The cub had ropes tied around its … Read More

Stray dogs in India mysteriously killing children

In New Delhi, scientists are trying to figure out why a pack of stray dogs in villages near the north Indian town of Sitapur have mysteriously been killing children.

According to the Independent, six … Read More

Stray dogs are turning blue – toxic substance to blame

Stray dogs in Mumbai, India, are turning a rather shocking color – according to One India, many of the dogs in the area have fur which has turned blue. Toxic, industrial dye, which was … Read More