Update on sad bulldog: Matilda has left the building

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On Friday, Matilda, an eight-year-old English bulldog languished in her shelter cage at Lancaster Animal Shelter with her head hung low and seemingly having given up on life. Matilda’s owner surrendered her to the shelter on November 28 – just one week after Thanksgiving.

She wasn’t eating, her breathing had become labored, and she had been failed by everyone in her life. Tragically, even with two adoption commitments from the public, no one ever came to the shelter to meet her.

Almost immediately after Pet Rescue Report told Matilda’s story and posted her heartbreaking video, the story went viral. Have you ever seen a sadder face?

UPDATE: Matilda was rescued by Southern California Bulldog Rescue and Tami Leckie with the help of Shawna Hamon and Sal Valdepeña! Please help fund her rescue, she is very sick, her eyes are looking infected, she is closer to 9-10 yrs old and has not been eating Donations and pledges may be sent via PayPal to: Socalbulldogrsq@aol.comThank you all for your quick response! This rescue plan came together very fast, I am so grateful for all the support, she was breaking my heart and I couldn’t bear the thought of leaving her there!!! #A4650886Matilda is in Building #3 Her CTA was a no show, her two IPS failed her today as did her owner. She is listed at 8 but I’m sure she’s older. Please help with pledges for her care. I am waiting to confirm that no one is coming for her. Dogs in Kennel Building #3 Lancaster Animal Shelter 5210 W Ave I, Lancaster, CA 93536‭(661) 940-4190‬M-Th 12-7pmF-Su 10-5pm

Posted by Cathi Perez on Friday, December 7, 2018

Matilda’s plight was shared more than 13,000 times. Multiple adoption offers began to flood in, but the dog’s compromised health issues, including kennel cough and possibly pneumonia, prompted shelter volunteers Cathi Perez and Sal Valdepena to reach out to Southern California Bulldog Rescue for specialized care.

She’s so happy to be OTB! I was at Lancaster Animal Shelter today and saw this sad girl, I checked and found out she was turned in by her owner, had a CTA for yesterday and two IPS for today and no one came, she’s been failed by everyone in her life. I could not bear the thought of leaving her there so I reached out to Sal Valdepeña and Shawna Hamon and theey immediately knew who to call, a pm was set up and within minutes her plan came together. RESCUED BY Southern California Bulldog Rescue and Tami Leckie and her team, she’s already getting so much love!!! She has multiple heath issues and is very sick with KC, praying she doesn’t have pneumonia but she will need major vetting. Donations much appreciated and may be sent to fund her care and rescue to: Socalbulldogrsq@aol.comSo grateful for all of you who have pledged to help this sad girl have a new life!!! #ittakesavillage#seniorrescuedogsrock#EBDlove#lancastersurvivor

Posted by Cathi Perez on Friday, December 7, 2018


“They are wonderful expert bulldog people,” Cathi stated as she carefully loaded Matilda into the back of her car to make the 100 mile trip to meet a volunteer from Southern California Bulldog Rescue. “I’m so happy for her and only hope and pray she doesn’t have pneumonia.”

“She’s just so sad but she will never see the inside of a shelter or be alone again. She will be loved and spoiled and properly cared for the rest of her life.”


Just hours later, Matilda was greeted like a princess.

Many of you saw the heartbreaking photos and video of this senior gal at Lancaster Animal Care Center. Thanks to our dedicated volunteers, we arranged pickup and transport for her in a matter of minutes!
Matilda is about 9-10 years old and is in rough shape. We suspect kennel cough, maybe pneumonia. Her eyes look horrible and she is filthy.
She got a warm bath and is spending the night with one of our volunteers before she will make the drive to our vet tomorrow to get checked out.”

Pledges and donations are greatly appreciated and can be honored through PayPal as “friends and family” socalbulldogrsq@aol.com


Updates to follow.

Read previous article here.

Many thanks to everyone who shared Matilda’s story, reposted her plight on social media and ultimately came to her rescue. Many thanks to the tireless volunteers Cathi Perez and Sal Valdepena for always reaching out to the community for help. It takes a village. Look what you have all done!

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3 replies
  1. Adrienne says:

    Thank you Southern California Bulldog Rescue for taking this poor girl in. Thanks also to Cathi Perez and Sal Valdepena for reaching out to this rescue. Prayers that Matilda gets the care she needs to get better so that she can be placed in a loving home.

  2. Dalma Bugg says:

    Would someone please explain why it is that shelters don’t take action to get medical tension for dogs ho come in ill or injured? Why don’t they even bathe them so they’re more comfortable? Doing nothing to help them but then have the absolute gall to euthanise them because they’re old or sick. That is so very wrong, especially when it’s ones who have arrived okay but caught something after they arrived.


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