Two-year-old neglected doberman failed by humans but not for long

On Saturday, a two-year-old neglected doberman arrived at a Texas animal shelter in horrible condition. His skin, infected, bright red and bleeding is likely the result of a serious demodex skin infection. Shelter staff have been treating him with ivermectin.

Tragically, that isn’t all for the dog now dubbed Titan. It is likely he also suffers from a secondary skin condition including a painful ear infection, but no conclusive diagnosis can be made until he is transferred to the veterinarian hospital partnering with Rescue Dogs Rock NYC who have been asked to help.

Titan will remain at the shelter until Monday until his state mandated stray hold period has concluded.

“We love you Titan and you will be feeling a whole lot better soon.”

This is Titan today. Tomorrow will be better.

Donations are needed for his medical care @

(Photos of two-year-old neglected doberman courtesy of RDRNYC)

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