Update: Stray dog Sniffles with no nose and crooked teeth finds love

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In Orlando, Florida, a stray pup with no nose and crooked teeth dubbed Sniffles by his rescuers, has become an Internet sensation, no doubt the perfect home was right around the corner.

According to the Poodle and Pooch Rescue of Florida, the dog was taken in as a stray by the Orange County Animal Services and despite his physical deformity of his nose that causes him to snort or his crooked lower bite, Sniffles is a sweetheart. Estimated to about 12-years-old, he’s quite healthy.

The pooch’s past includes the following:

“Sniffles was once a stray in Puerto Rico, rescued by an amazing group known as Rabito Kontento (Happy Tails). Sniffles needed extensive treatment after he was attacked by other stray dogs that were much larger. He suffered from multiple injuries and bite wounds and lost his nose during the attack. After three surgeries, lots of recovery time and loads of TLC, Sniffles was adopted to a home in Florida with the hopes that the states would offer better veterinary care.”

Unfortunately he ran away from his new owners several times, and it became a dangerous situation.

Animal Services have some dental work scheduled for Sniffles next week, but he’s ready to meet the family of his dreams (or vice-

But alas, it seems the darling little pooch has found his person. On the organization’s website, came the good news:

“Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for your desire to help, your kindness and your generosity. So many others in need, please take the time to learn about them a well Thank You!”

Meet Genesis Diaz who has been fostering animals for the last 12 years. It seems Sniffles has made his choice.

There are lots of great dogs to adopt – please don’t shop when you can adopt.

Read prior story of Sniffles here.

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  1. Jan Barnes says:

    There aren’t enough thank you’s that can be said! Many many prayers and blessings to Sniffles and his new family! What gifts you all are to each other!


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