Two abandoned puppies -one missing a paw found in Oakland trash pile

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In Oakland, two abandoned puppies continue to fight for their lives after they were found in a pile of trash on Saturday evening with horrific injuries. One of the four-month-old German shepherd puppies is missing a paw, and the other pup’s face and mouth is so mangled, she is unable to eat.

According to WralNews, the person who found the puppies huddled together under the freeway mixed in the trash, immediately contacted Pali Boucher with Rocket Dog Rescue. The two female puppies appear to be from the same litter. No one knows how the one puppy lost her paw.

“It had either been chopped off or there was some sort of an accident,” Pali told the news media.

The second puppy remains at the veterinarian hospital in intensive care and has been described as emaciated and unable to close or open her mouth; the bottom of her jaw hangs and reeks of infection. It is unknown at this time if this puppy will survive.

It is not known if the puppies were victims of intentional abuse or egregious neglect.

(Photos of  two abandoned puppies via screenshots from WralNews video)



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  1. I hope the rescuer stands up for the one with the broken jaw and doesn’t let them put her down! Her jaw can be fixed, don’t take the easy way out and euthanize her! Her life matters to her!

  2. My guess – victims of a dog fighting operation. Dog fighters deserve nothing except execution. They are worthless, savage barbarians prone to cruelt acts.

    • Agreed. Dogfighters probably troll all those “free to good home” listings on Craigslist….. these two treasures are the “lucky survivors”….. they were found & hopefully will recover….. I pray for the others we never find or hear about…..

    • That was my first thought also, dogfighting and these little ones being used as bait. ALL dogfighters should be nailed to trees and used as target practice. They are useless wastes of space – these innocents are victims of the worst cruelty imaginable – to be treated so cruelly by maggot puke disguised as humans and are unfit to breathe.

  3. My guess is they’re victims of a dog fighting operation. As far as I’m concerned dogfighters deserve nothing except a swift execution. They should not be clothed, fed housed or provided any form of a necessity of survival. Just do away with them. They’re nothing but savage, barbarian maggots.

  4. THIS is A CLASSIC EXAMPLE of the Ruthlessness of these GANGS of Barbaric Dog-Fighting Groups of VILE VIRMIN that are being ALLOWED —OH YES—ALLOWED to continue to Carry on this Ruthless “so called- sport” Hell in the depression days and even when our Country was founded “cock-fighting ” was the event of the men looking for a thrill when not at the Houses of Ill Repute!! This is the 21st Century don’t you think by now this would be UNDER CONTROL !!! NOT!!! it is worse than ever… I can’t help but REALLY WONDER why this isn’t ADDRESS … the Law Officers, Animal Control Officers, Sheriff’s Department knows where this is taking place and Who is behind this horror show for a entertainment and illicit money laundering …. Why let beautiful little pups suffer this torture… For CHRIST SAKE This Is the UNITED STATES are WE as A NATION BETTER THAN THIS !!! Guess Not!!!

  5. Praying for you sweet puppies. Praying for healing and a great, wonderful and loving forever home for both of you to be together.

  6. My thoughts and prayers are with both of these precious angel dogs.
    I am also hoping that the monster responsible will suffer both here and in hell. The death penalty and hell are too good for “it”!

  7. Dog fighting when is this going to stop these poor babies I pray they both make it what kind of person would do this how sad but I hope whoever had anything to do with this rots in hell


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