Abandoned pup hit by car, paralyzed and left to die but wouldn’t give up

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Just two-years-old and desperately trying to survive, an abandoned pup’s life has been full of pain and suffering. On the streets of south Texas, no one stopped when Princess was struck by a vehicle and thrown onto the side of the road. The impact left her paralyzed; Princess was doomed to die, but this little one refused to give up.

Luckily, Princess worked up the strength to crawl into a Good Samaritan’s backyard. Rescue Dogs Rock NYC intervened after hearing about the young dog’s plight.

“The Good Samaritan whose backyard Princess crawled into stated she watched as Princess had been eating away at her paws and legs,” Rescue Dogs Rock NYC co-founder Stacey Silverstein, wrote on the organization’s Facebook page under the heartbreaking photos and video of the tiny tan dog just wanting to live. “This all occurred out of desperation, abandonment, pain and most importantly survival.”

On Saturday, Princess was rushed to the San Antonio veterinary partner for Rescue Dogs Rock NYC and is now receiving around the clock care. Radiographs confirm a vertebral compression fracture leaving the dog paralyzed from the waist down. At this point she needs to heal and receive medical care until the next steps can be determined. It is expected Princess with need wheels.


Check out the brief video and how this little dog refuses to give up:

Update on Princess ***SUCH A SAD STORY TO TELL***Here is Princess today at our SA Vet Partner receiving life saving medical care We have learned a few more details on Princess’s Story She was abandoned by her owner ,hit by a car , paralyzed from the impact and left to DIE on the streets of South Texas As she was trying desperately to survive , she started to eat away at her limbs due to the sensation she was feeling after being paralyzed The Good Samaritan Whos backyard Princess crawled into, stated, she watched as Princess was eating away at her paws and leg This all occurred out of desperation , abandonment, pain and most importantly , survival X-rays taken ,show a vertebral compression fracture leaving Princess completely paralyzed from the waste down , that has been confirmed At this point , Princess needs to heal and receive medical care until the next steps can be determined for what we can do for her , of course wheels will be needed She’s only 2 years old and sadly has endured deep suffering We will do everything we possibly can to give Princess the best life going forward WILL YOU HELP PRINCESS ?!DONATE https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=QJQ89P5FH4GFQ HIT THE DONATE BUTTON TO HELP

Posted by Rescue Dogs Rock NYC on Saturday, May 26, 2018

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14 replies
  1. Adrienne says:

    What a brave and strong willed dog. RDR of NYC will not give up on Princess and even have plans of getting wheels for her.Texans need to step up and deal with the abandonment and abuse of dogs in their state. Houston has an area where it has become “normal” to dump unwanted dogs their and the city supposedly can’t keep up with all the stray and abandoned dogs. Governor of Texas needs to deal with this because it is getting worse and not the fault of these animals but of the politicians in that state who refuse to deal with and resolve this horrible situation. There are rescues that go to these areas and take the worst of the worst and then try to come back to rescue more but it is hard when their resources are limited.

  2. Adrienne says:

    What a brave and strong willed pup. RDR of NYC already have a plan for her to get a set of wheels for her to become mobile again. Texans need to wake up and start demanded their Governor and politicians do something about all the strays and homeless dogs who are just dumped on the streets of Houston or discarded because they are too old. They have so many of these dogs roaming the streets that rescuers can’t take all that they want so have to start with the worse cases and come back to retrieve more. Why do people do this to animals? Do they think by leaving them on the streets that someone will take them in? There needs to be mandatory spay and neutering or else a stiff fine or even jail time.There has to be a way to go after these people and even puppy mill facilities that cause so many dogs roaming the streets in our country. Princess will make someone a wonderful family member.

  3. Nancy Raymond says:

    Texas – of course, the self centered, ignorance and lack of humanity the citizens of this state show towards animals is enough to make any caring person puke. To drive by and see a puppy in horrific pain and just keep on going is beyond cruel and so typical of the state of Texas. And this so called ‘good Samaritan’ who watched this little dog chew off its feet and did nothing to help – OK they called for a rescue – but again, any shelter in this lousy state would have just killed this little guy and never did one thing to help relieve his pain – Now that Rescue Dogs Rock NYC stepped (as usual) maybe he can recover enough to be fitted for wheels and hopefully, there is someone who will come forth and adopted him. All he needs is a safe loving home which he surely never had before.

  4. Theresa says:

    If I seen this baby in the road I would’ve stopped immediately people that just don’t care takes too much of their time or they don’t want to get involved that’s the problem in this fucking world

  5. Jam Barnes says:

    God bless this precious little miracle Princess and all her rescuers. Keep on fighting, little girl! Please keep us posted on how to help.

  6. pennysdachshunds says:

    What an intelligent and sweet looking little girl… She so reminds me of my Grandparent’s little dog they got at retirement when they moved to Golden Colorado..They called her Yackie!!! after yackie doodle in Yogi Bear as I just loved that little creature.. I am glad she is going to have the Chance at Live ONE can tell she Want’s desperately to have… RDRNY Thanks so much for your intervention, as Princess made every effort to GET HELP for HERSELF!!!



  8. Melissa Gurley says:

    That is so terrible that poor little dog how on this earth can people in texas just drive by what is wrong with that state I pray this poor pup makes it I would certainly give it her a home I just feel so bad for her and so mad at the person who hit her and those of you in texas that just drove by do you not have a heart


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