St. Albans man accused of kicking and abusing 5-month-old puppy

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In St. Albans, West Virginia, the owner of a five-month-old puppy has been accused of kicking and abusing a defenseless animal until it could not stand. Officers were called to a home on Knox Avenue on Wednesday evening.

According to WsazNews, Joseph Carl Massey, 42, faces animal cruelty charges. When police arrived at Massey’s home, they found a black puppy unable to stand. His little legs wobbled when he tried to get up and constantly fell over as he cried in pain.

Massey has denied hurting the puppy, however a witness reported to the police she had seen Massey through the privacy fence throwing the puppy as it landed on its back. She also observed the man kick the puppy up into the air and yell at the dog. A video accompanied the woman’s verbal report.

The puppy is currently being treated at the South Charleston Emergency Animal Clinic and appears to have sustained head trauma.

Massey is currently in jail in lieu of a $5,000 bond.

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16 replies
  1. Adrienne says:

    Do the same to this scum but harder and longer.He doesn’t deserve to breath the same air as we do. Just hope this pup is ok and doesn’t sustain permanent injuries and is adopted into a loving family. Drop kick this cretin off a cliff and see how he is after that.

  2. pennysdachshunds says:

    This is more than Likely ONE of the THOUSANDS of WEST VIRGINIA ” RECREATIONAL DRUG ABUSERS” THEY love to take their FRUSTRATIONS and ANGER out on HARMLESS ANIMAL’s .. HE will Walk away because the Judge, Prossacutor , Jury ( if they even use one) are using the same Thing this Puke is … READ Julia Keller : series of fictional mysteries about WEST VIRGINIA and do YOUR research and YOU WILL SEE WEST VIRGINIA has the LARGEST AMOUNT of ILLEGIAL DRUG USE IN THE USA>>> their Governor is Pleading for help.. The pharmacies distribute more than 10 times the amount of Pain Pills that any other State in the Union does… I hope this little pup lives and is able to live and find a home he deserves… His former owner deserves a LARGE Bolus of his drug of choice and goes BY BY!!! down into a 6ft.hole…

  3. Jan Barnes says:

    Kick the asshole in the head and everywhere else until he can’t stand! Then he can slither his way to his “special place” in HELL!

    Mr prayers are with the little angel doggy for a full recovery!

  4. Red says:

    OK courts & judges…… read statistics and take a hint! ANYONE who could treat an animal this horribly IS GOING TO HURT A PERSON….. this sick pud needs to be locked up and never let out. However, it that is not possible…lock up as long an you legally can then fine him a HUGE amount of money and put his ugly name on a National Registry for pet abusers. Never allow him to own or live in the same location as a pet.

  5. Kat says:

    What is with all these abusers only being held on $5000 bond!? They should increase it to $25,000! Maybe these low-lifes will think twice before harming innocent animals! (I doubt it but one can hope)! Then find a judge who will make the punishment fit the crime!

    • T Lemon says:

      He couldn’t pay it & is still in jail. I know the girl who caught him, videoed it & called 911!! The pup is doing ok & is happy! It is mostly blind & has an unsteady walk due to neurological damage. He’s being fostered by a very nice & loving family. I was also told that this scumbag got his ass kicked daily! I hope it was brutal & vicious!!

  6. J. Martin says:

    Another fucking dirtbag!!! Mr. Tough guy picking on a defenseless puppy.
    Take this POS and commence a torture he will NEVER FORGET.. “IF” he lives through it. IF NOT .. GOOD!!!
    First .. cut his balls/pecker off. Asswipes like this should NEVER EVER be allowed to reproduce.
    Then slowly peel the skin off his face & head… he wants to act like an EVIL freak. He ought to look like a freak.
    Lastly stick the bastard in general population in prison. Broadcast to other inmates what he did.
    I guarantee he’ll learn about abuse. Only it’ll be done on him.
    HEY .. Tell ya what. I’ll be nice tho … will give him a BIG JAR of vaseline. He’s gonna need it.

  7. Jo says:

    I want to keep coming and slam this guy for the pup! My God, only five months old!!! What is wrong with you, you walking talking POS!!! I hope the pup will be ok!

  8. Nancy Raymond says:

    Another crackhead whose life is worth absolutely nothing. Carl Massey is nothing more than a spineless coward who can pick on an innocent defenseless puppy – such a man!! Try a hunk of maggot puke who would be cowering in a corner if confronted by someone who could defend themselves. This poor puppy could never have done anything to deserve the cruelty this bastard did to it – I hope he gets some serious jail time and his punk white ass is used, intimidated, and abused in every way imaginable by some predatory inmates – make him their bitch – he deserves no less.


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