Dog vanished while on boat outing with family

Dog vanished while on boat outing with family
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A family’s dog seemed to simply vanish while they were boating on Sandy Hook Bay. According to the New Jersey Patch, Jersey, a one-year-old golden retriever, apparently jumped overboard on a weekend boating trip in late May; searches since that time have been fruitless.

What happened?

Jersey’s owner, Anne Finetto, recounted what happened to the news agency, “It was 5:30 p.m. Saturday and we were about a half mile from shore. She was sitting at my husband’s feet as he was driving and that’s when a piece of plastic blew off our boat. My husband turned his body to try and catch it and suddenly we looked back and she was just gone.”

Retracing the route

The couple immediately retraced the route their boat was on (using GPS) but Jersey was never found. Nobody saw Jersey go overboard and she was never spotted in the water…it was if she simply vanished. Jersey’s owners stayed on the water the first night…searching for their beloved dog, even as thunderstorms rolled through the area. The next morning, the searches continued – again, no sightings of the missing dog.

Reward offered for missing dog

The family is hopeful that Jersey managed to survive. She is a strong swimmer and the boat was only a half mile from shore when she disappeared. Anyone who sees he is asked to call Anne Finetto at 732-735-9835.

In a lost and found Facebook group, the family wrote:

Sunday, June 10 Still missing😥
$1000 REWARD OFFERED for safe return of our Jersey. It has been 2 weeks and still praying our girl is out there. We are devastated. She is a whiter Golden Retriever with a collar and a tag with her name and our phone number. She is very sweet and very friendly.

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  1. This is a heartbreaking tragedy! Someone should have watched Jersey more closely! I am sure there are many prayers being said for Jersey and your family!
    Don’t give up! The angels are guiding this precious dog and, hopefully, you will soon be reunited!

  2. Maybe using a little COMMON SENSE and investing in a life Jacket for your dog would have saved this anguish as to what happened… They come in all sizes from xxs to xxl.. We have several when we have had small dachshunds , medium and large with injured backs come to us… I have a large heart shaped heated , jet tub I have never let a dog exercise or swim the tub without the jacket on .. It isn’t as if it COST hundreds of dollar’s we get them for 15 to 25 dollars. No matter the cost it is too damn late now… your pet is like your child would you let small children out on the ocean without a life jacket.. Probably… your loving dog paid the price!!!

  3. Pray this family has found Jersey or someone has seen her in their town. There is a similar story on this page of a 10 month old puppy who swam miles to be reunited with her family. Rylee a Belgian malinois , happened Aug.30, 2016. Jersey is suppose to be a good swimmer so maybe she somehow managed to get taken to a place a good distance from where they have been looking for her. Owners should notify neighboring towns and beaches for Jersey.

  4. Very sad. Let this be a lesson to everyone to ALWAYS put a life jacket on your dog just as you would a child. As soon as the engines on my boat are turned on, the dogs get their life jackets put on. No matter how strong a swimmer, any dog or person can easily be pulled under by the wake from the boat or for any reason.
    Seat belts on when the car is underway and life jackets on when the boat is underway.
    No excuses.


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