Guide dog for blind man denied drink of water at local cafe

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Animal charities have lashed out at an Exmouth, United Kingdom cafe after employees refused to give a guide dog a bowl of water on a very hot day.

According to the ExmouthJournal, Olliver Gibbons, 40, who is completely blind, stopped in to the Caffe Nero on Chappel Street and was told “no” to providing his guide dog, Sydney, a drink of water telling Gibbons it was their policy.  The seven-year-old Labrador retriever desperately needed some water after leading his human around on a hot day. Sydney’s harness had been removed so the dog could relax.

Gibbons had been with his friend, Helen Fox when they stopped at the cafe they frequently visited.

“I was taken aback,” Helen stated. “Any dog should be allowed a drink, but he is also a working dog.”

Olliver no longer wants to go back to the cafe and was saddened the staff refused the dog water and just walked away. Sydney was soon offered water at Tempus the Jeweller.

A spokesperson for Caffe Nero stated they are now investigating the incident and contend they comply with legislation on access for guide dogs in all stores. They responded they do not have water bowls for dogs for health reasons.

Have they never heard of paper products that would do the job?

(Photo of Sydney via screenshot from Exmouth Journal)

More news and updates on the National Pet Rescue Facebook page.

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  1. at my tender age of 77 yrs young, I am shocked at the stupidity of people the world over. get the dog a dish with water, and wash it after. what morons, I don’t care if the dog is working or just a dog on the street, give the poor beast some water. the dog and his mouth was probably cleaner than most of the people working in the cafe.

  2. Bumbling idiots! In my opinion, denying a blind person’s leader dog water, is the same as denying the man water. The two are a team, and that was beyond contemptible!

  3. This story is so unacceptable and despicable. Any dog should not be denied a drink of water but a working dog? How shameful!

  4. I would blast this story to the media! This business deserves to lose business over this! Maybe more people will boycott this place! Idiots!

  5. It’s a cafe! Don’t they sell soup of some kind? Salad? You can’t tell me there was NOTHING in that entire restaurant they couldn’t use!!

    Since he’s a regular customer, you’d think they’d bend over backwards even if it weren’t the law!

    Utterly shameful! Hope they lose tons of business because of it.

  6. The Exmouth employers should be dropped off in the middle of the desert or mountains without water and let the animals take over!

  7. This lousy excuse for a café needs to feel the anger of all the citizens who know the dump named Café Nero and what they did to a visually impaired man and his dog – to deny the animal water is beyond stupid – it is criminal and they should be held responsible for their vile act. To have no dog water bowels is the dumbest excuse and if this place has any brains they will make sure they supply them now. Thank God there was a kind facility that did give water to the dog. Café Nero just made a damn fool of themselves and I hope they never hear the last of it.

  8. Maybe one of these walking bastards at this cafe needs help and they get a swift kick to the curb. This must be known to everyone in the area so this business doesn’t continue. I wish all these low life scumbag subhumans all rot and die away off this earth.


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