Man arrested in fatal kicking of San Francisco dog caught on video

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In San Francisco, animal cruelty investigators have charged the 24-year-old man caught on video fatally kicking a small dog against a wall on Market Street. On Thursday, Nicholas Michael Cornelius was arrested and charged with felony animal cruelty.

According to a press release posted by Animal Care and Control of San Francisco, tips called into authorities helped police locate Cornelius. The three-year-old Chihuahua and Jack Russell mix named Puppet died within a day of the incident. The tiny dog suffered a fractured skull and “passed away despite all attempts to save his life.”

“We thank the community for their support,” stated Virginia Donohue, Executive Director of Animal Care and Control. “The community acts as our eyes and ears, and in this case, the information provided to our agency led to an arrest.”

District Attorney George Gascon added to the sentiments of the entire community expressing their gratitude that an alleged animal abuser has been apprehended.

“When some take advantage of their vulnerability, we have a responsibility to hold their offender accountable.”

Read previous article and view video here.

More news and updates on the National Pet Rescue Facebook page.

Rest in peace Puppet.

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12 replies
  1. J. Martin says:

    Fucking ugly ass POS. Picking on a small dog .. and before that … being aggressive with some woman you were seen arguing with.
    Black lives matter? Tell ya what .. YOURS DOES NOT. First off you need the boots taken to your face … 40-50 kicks ought to do.

    • alain says: need to add vulgarity to this disgusting man that killed this little dog ..YOU are a good person (I can tell) ..but sometimes, it is better to keep our anger under control my grand pa once told me..we are always in control of the words that you haven t said ,,and i try to keep his golden rule ..God bless you !

  2. Adrienne says:

    Hope this scum rots in hell and he goes to jail where an inmate will do the same to him and show him no mercy. These are the evil monsters that need to be dropped onto a desert island with other psychos and live the rest of his life there with the other non human cretins.

  3. pennysdachshunds says:

    Golly an Ethnic Black Lives Matter Fodder for ground up fish food… take him and feed his Penis and testicles to the seals on the beach … and let this Bastard bleed to death!!! A very fitting Punishment ..for this proud Chief of SCUM!! Why would he want to Kill a harmless 7 or 8 pound dog… guess to show how tough he is …

  4. Adrienne says:

    The owner of this tiny dog is homeless and lives on the streets. I believe she had another dog with her and unfortunately this little one was loose BUT did not give this scum any right to kill this poor dog. Hope the city gets her another dog if she so wants another right now. This cretin needs to be in jail now and swift justice should be handed down to him.

  5. Randy Castle says:

    Piece of shit,typical little black useless bastard kicking a little dog makes you feel like a real man ..why don’t you just go apply for more welfare damn shame somebody didn’t kill you when u were little

  6. Nancy Raymond says:

    Nicholas Michael Cornelius – Yes you are a punk – a ghetto maggot who has no balls – the correct word is spineless coward – you kicked a tiny innocent defenseless dog to death so you consider yourself ‘tough’ – hardly. You are a hunk of sewer sludge and nothing more. I applaud those who turned you in BUT do not and will never understand why they did not attack your filthy ass and beat you to death – you deserve to have your ass kicked from San Francisco to Los Angeles nonstop – a PUNK is all you are – I hope there is a fatal encounter with an 18 wheeler in your very near future – seeing your ass splattered all over the highway would be a day of celebration.


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