‘Lucky’ dog narrowly missed death on subway tracks in Brooklyn

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A runaway dog aptly named “Lucky” ran for miles along the subway tracks in Brooklyn on Tuesday. Had it not been for the dog’s angels somewhere above and subway employees, the frightened little pit bull would have been hit by a train.

Leave it to our Metropolitan Transportation Authority heroes to forge ahead and not give up until the scared little pooch was safe. Train operator, Ernest McClain slowly followed the dog as he ran along the tracks for more than three miles.

” I was beeping the horn and yelling at the track workers,” McClain told the New York Post. “There’s a dog on the track.”

It had been 3:39 in the morning when he spotted the dog and hit the brakes after passengers began yelling. A dispatcher told him to continue with “extreme caution” as he followed the dog down the tracks. Forty minutes later, a track worker was able to grab the pooch by his hind legs and pull him to safety on the platform. The friendly pup was safely leashed up with a rope. And yes, the subway traffic was backed up, but isn’t it all in a day’s work?

The poor boy didn’t have a collar or a microchip and has been turned over to the ASPCA. Let’s hope his family is found or he finds a loving family who will adopt him. Lucky escaped a terrible fate, and now it’s time this friendly pup finds happiness and love.

(Photos of Lucky via screenshot CbsNews)

Check out the video:

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    • If this poor dog was taken to NYCACC he most likely had 18 hours – this dump has the compassion of a rock and if the dog is a pit bull which Lucky is, his death is already determined. NYCACC has a horrific reputation for their tactics. They do nothing to get animals adopted – and kill them 24/7. This hell hole needs a complete overhaul from top to bottom. Lucky deserves a safe loving home, but being at NYCACC practically ensures his death.

  1. Good job people. I pray Graham gets a great forever home or that he already has a great family searching for him.

  2. Not surprise he was not wearing a collar or a chip! He was probably dump and the poor baby was probably looking for his family. Sharing and hoping he finds a good home.


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