Hunter mistaken for coyote killed by man using AR-15

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A North Carolina pastor was shot several times in the chest on Tuesday with an AR-15  by a man who mistakenly thought electronic coyote calls had been a real coyote trapped in a tree.

According to the Taylorsville Times, Michael Seth Marsh, 26,  was accidentally killed in a wooded area off Edd Burgess Road Extension in Taylorsville. as he was hunting coyotes with his 12-gauge shotgun, a rifle and an electronic coyote call.  The name of the  man who shot Marsh has not been  released, but records indicate he fired two shots into the wooded area after spotting brown and gray movements in the trees. He later called authorities when he realized he had shot a person and not a coyote. Marsh died shortly after arriving at the hospital. Officials said Marsh was wearing camouflage and an orange hat.

Alexander County Sheriff Chris Bowman stated the shooter had been unaware that Marsh had been in the woods hunting. An investigation continues. The case is currently under review with the District Attorney’s Office. Officers with N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission are assisting the Alexander County Sheriff’s Office in the investigation.

Marsh was the pastor at Russell Gap Baptist Church. He is survived by his wife and two young children.

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8 replies
  1. PW says:

    Sorry to be so heartless, but he got what he deserved….shooting coyotes and leaving them to suffer if the shots don’t kill them…I think hunting should be illegal!!!!

  2. pennysdachshunds says:

    OH Yes!!! The now most talked about “Gun” in the United States!!! I wonder how an Elk or Deer tastes after being “riddled ” with bullets? This isn’t hunting it’s slaughter… Only coyote I ever knew to wear orange was “Wiley” while pursing the “Road Runner”.

  3. susispot says:

    A lot of holes in this story. How do you mistake a man upright (had to be if he took two to the chest) in camo and an ORANGE hat for a 4 legged 36″ tall fur covered animal????? Sad for the 2 young children that have lost their daddy.

  4. Nancy Raymond says:

    No sympathy here – both of these fools deserve exactly what they got – #1-coyotes don’t normally wear orange hats, #2-you don’t hunt w/an AR-15, and #3-THIS is a prime reason WHY these guns should be outlawed – isn’t the deaths of 17 students enough proof? This country is going to hell so fast it makes your head spin – and that is due to the power of the NRA whose deep pockets keep filling these politicians whose only concern is their damn coffers. It is pitiful what those who have the power to end the use of these dangerous weapons in the hands of private citizens do nothing and allow innocent people to be murdered and those w/no right to have these guns continue to wreak havoc on this country.


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