Coyotes attack man on scooter after he crashed into one of them at park

At the 1,000 acre Stanley Park in British Columbia, a man riding his electric scooter on Sunday evening apparently didn’t see a coyote along the trail and accidentally crashed into it. The impact caused the … Read More

Reward offered after coyote pup caught by head in illegal trap euthanized

In Swampscott, Massachusetts a young coyote was euthanized on Wednesday after it had been caught in an illegal raccoon trap on its head and its jaw clamped shut making it unable to drink or eat. … Read More

Animal rights group calls for investigation of man repeatedly shooting coyote

At the Sierra Lakes Golf Club in Fontana, California, an animal activist group has called upon authorities to investigate the repeated shooting of a trapped coyote. A man was videoed last week shooting the coyote … Read More

Coyote enters home through doggy door and attacked pets

In Buena Park, a coyote entered a family’s home through a doggy door and attacked two dogs – killing a 10-year-old Maltipoo and severely injuring the other dog.

According to the Los Angeles Times, … Read More

Hunter mistaken for coyote killed by man using AR-15

A North Carolina pastor was shot several times in the chest on Tuesday with an AR-15  by a man who mistakenly thought electronic coyote calls had been a real coyote trapped in a tree.

According … Read More

Coyote in Alabama snatches three-month-old puppy from backyard

In Mobile, Alabama, a family is mourning the death of the their three-month-old Jack Russell and Chihuahua mix puppy from their back patio by a coyote. Multiple pet owners have recently reported their pets missing, … Read More

Reports of ‘zombie dogs’ are really sick coyotes with mange

As with all drama, the more graphic the name, the more people pay attention and allow their imaginations to run away with details not likely to ever be proven “fact test worthy.” On Monday, the … Read More

Georgia man out for morning jog bitten by rabid coyote

In Roswell, Georgia, a man out for his morning jog along Lake Charles Drive was attacked by a rabid coyote on Monday morning.

“I looked down and grabbed him by the neck and pushed down,”

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Coyote family trapped and killed near LaGuardia Airport

The Port Authority trapped and killed a coyote family on Tuesday that had been living at a vacant area used as a parking lot at LaGuardia Airport in Queens, New York. According to the Queens Read More