Father and 9-year-old shot to death when mistaken for deer by hunter

In Walterboro, South Carolina, just two days after New Year’s 2020 began, a father and his nine-year-old daughter were shot to death by a fellow hunter who had mistaken them for deer.

In a statement … Read More

Hunter gored to death by deer he thought he shot and killed

In Yellville, Arkansas a hunter was critically gored and died from antler punctures on Tuesday night. Thomas Alexander, 66, believed he had successfully shot a deer and had made plans with his nephew to field-dress … Read More

Trump administration to open hunting at national wildlife refuges

The Trump administration has proposed increasing access to public lands for the expansion of hunting and fishing. The U.S. Secretary of the Interior, David Bernhardt announced on Wednesday that 1.4 million acres would be opened … Read More

Rare white turkey: Hunter just had to kill it

In Rutherford County, Tennessee, a hunter killed a rare white turkey calling it the “turkey of a lifetime.”

According to KnoxNews, Cameron Bond shot and killed the wild white turkey on April 6. The … Read More

Idaho Fish and Game commissioner resigns after shooting family of baboons on hunt

An Idaho Fish and Game Commissioner has resigned amid severe criticism and public outrage after sharing photos of himself posing with a family of dead baboons, including little babies he killed while on a hunting … Read More

Hunter mistaken for coyote killed by man using AR-15

A North Carolina pastor was shot several times in the chest on Tuesday with an AR-15  by a man who mistakenly thought electronic coyote calls had been a real coyote trapped in a tree.

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Kangaroo gets even with hunter breaking man’s jaw

A kangaroo who seems to have conspired with two of his marsupial pals earlier this week, struck out against hunters in the Western Australia’s Wheatbelt region. Joshua Hayden, 19, and his brother had been hunting … Read More

Elephant and lion trophies brought back to U.S. legal again says Trump

In another reversal of an Obama policy, prohibiting the importation of endangered animals back to the United States, has been overturned by the Trump administration. The restrictions were put in place to discourage the hunting … Read More

Charging deer gores unarmed hunter to death with its antlers

A 62-year-old man taking part in the hunting of deer near Paris, France was gored to death by a deer’s antlers early Tuesday morning. The incident occurred  in the Compiegne forest located approximately 50 miles … Read More