Rare white turkey: Hunter just had to kill it

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In Rutherford County, Tennessee, a hunter killed a rare white turkey calling it the “turkey of a lifetime.”

According to KnoxNews, Cameron Bond shot and killed the wild white turkey on April 6. The bird had a rare condition known as leucism, which results in a partial loss of pigmentation. The Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency (TWRA) posted the following on their Facebook page.

Cameron Bond of Warren County, took a leucistic gobbler in Rutherford County last Saturday.
Leucism in birds is described as a loss of pigmentation. The beard of the bird was dark and the back feathers still hold some color as seen in the photo.
Bond’s bird weighed 20 pounds. It’s beard measured 9 1/2″ beard it’s spurs .75”.
Congrats to Mr. Bond. “

Hunting season for turkeys began on March 31 and runs through May 12. Animal advocates against trophy hunting have called out the hunt as cruel; just because it was a rare bird, that may have been a reason to kill it?

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