Court date coming up for Ollie, the dog’s killer

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The court date is fast approaching for a Florida man accused of stabbing a dog and stuffing him in a suitcase. At the end of 2017, the nation and the world were shocked and angered over the horrific torture and death of a dog named Ollie, in Broward County, Florida.

It all started on October 10, 2017 when a passerby saw a paw sticking out of a suitcase and called the Hollywood, Florida police.  When the suitcase was opened, a dog was found inside with over fifty stab wounds. Ollie was rushed to a vet and survived for two days, but the injuries were too much for his poor little body to endure. He died two days later. The vet and the staff all fondly recall the dog who had endured so much, yet still wagged his tail for those who worked so hard to save him.

The Hollywood Police Department, through meticulous investigation of the suitcase, were able to lift fingerprints and find DNA leading them to Brendan Evans. Evans was arrested on November 22, 2017. Police found one of Ollie’s teeth in Evans’s wallet as well as fur in his oven, and dead animals and parts of dead animals in his apartment.

When Brendan Evans went in front of the judge for his bail hearing, the District Attorney requested a $50,000.00 bail and the judge doubled it in the hopes of keeping Evans in jail until his court date. Evans is arguing that it is within his religious rights to torture and kill animals as he practices voodoo and needs to sacrifice animals.

Evans’ next hearing will be in front of the Honorable Martin Fein on April 5th, 2018 in the 17th Judicial Circuit Court in Broward County, Florida. Please send letters and emails to Judge Fein urging him to give the maximum penalty to Brendan Evans and that what was done to Ollie cannot and will not be tolerated.

Honorable Martin Fein
17th Judicial Circuit
201 Southeast 6th Street
Fort Lauderdale, Fla.33301
Re: Brendan Evans case # 17013552CF10A

Phone number: (954) 831-7342

Emails can also be sent to the courthouse via

Brendan Evans should be given the harshest sentence possible under Florida Law. He is a monster who should not be allowed among civilized people.  He is already on probation for domestic violence. Please do not let Brendan Evans walk the streets.  If you so, you are only enabling him to find and torture his next victim whether it be another animal or a human.










11 replies
  1. Nadya Anne Wall-Rossi says:

    I am praying that animal lovers will show up in court and flood the judge with passions letters, demanding justice. You can thank the Supreme Court for embracing Santeria, Satanism and voodoo.

  2. laura cohn says:

    these are the monsters walking among us! It’s a known fact that people who torture animals go on to torture people. keep this monster locked up where he belongs!

  3. Mary Ann Clark says:

    I seriously hope that religious freedom is not used as an excuse to let this monster keep on murdering and I wonder how many people he may have killed that have not been found yet!

  4. Rissa says:

    Poor Little Ollie his little Body battered and Stabbed if a Judge and Jury turn away from this then they are giving the green light to Abusers…Prison for a long time….He’ll do it again a Child next time.

  5. Nancy Raymond says:

    I would like to practice voodoo on Brendan Evans – he is no voodoo priest – he is just a low life animal abuser who is trying to get his charges either dropped or brought down – don’t let this happen – he beat Ollie to the point he could not be saved – the punishment this hunk of maggot puke deserves is to be hogtied and dumped in the Florida everglades – all his ass is good for is gator lunch. He murdered this innocent dog and needs to pay dearly for it. I hope the judge in Hollywood Florida has the backbone to give him exactly what he deserves – it is about time SOME judge really punish these scumbags.

  6. Tracy Whitcomb says:

    I hope the Judge throws the book at his rotten bastard. He does not deserve to breathe fresh air again. If he does he will continue to kill these innocent animals.

  7. Helen says:

    No more delays. It’s time to give Ollie justice. If the judge does not do what is right, then its time to give this POS street justice. This worthless human trash will then beg the judge to throw him in the slammer.


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